In the Moment (E3 One Shot)

Sick and tired of being tossed around and cheated on, you break up with your boyfriend Keaton Stromberg. But things only make a turn for the worst, nothing goes as planned.


10. Delayed Devotion

     The doctors brought Keaton back to his room as he fought against their hold the entire way. They tied him down so he wouldn't try to run off again. You sat there on the cold tiled floor of the hospital with the words of love laying on your lips like a sin. You shouldn't forgive him. He needs to learn, he needs to get over you. You felt as though you shouldn't love him, that loving him was wrong. But you couldn't deny the feeling, you loved him. Keaton's cries and pleads echoed down the halls and throughout the building making your tears more like waterfalls.

''Please come back please.''

     He was begging. His voice crawled under your skin, you couldn't handle the sound. You looked to the exit. You wanted to go and leave all of this behind you. Maybe you could move on and forget. Maybe you could move far away and start over. 

''I can't live without you. I don't want to live without you.''

     You looked towards his room again. One part of you wanted to run to him, to dry his tears and make him smile again. You knew how warm it would make your now ice cold heart become if you saw his smile. But still the thought lingered of how thing would be so much different. If you were to give his love another chance it would be awkward. 

''I won't live without you, I won't let myself. I won't get caught next time, I won't let them stop me.''

     You stood up and made you way to the exit of the building, walking farther away from his heart piercing pleads. You opened the door and stepped one foot past the threshold before freezing in your place.You glanced down the hall towards Keaton's room then to the outside in front of you. You looked down to your feet torn between running away and running back. With a deep breath you silenced your mind and tried to listen to your heart. It wasn't talking anymore, it was broken. You didn't know what to do so you started running. You ran wherever your legs desired to take you.

    You pushed through the crowded hall shoving doctors and nurses out of your way. You ran into Keaton's room and slid into the bed with him pulling him close and holding him tight. Shocked and surprised, Keaton didn't even hesitate to hug you back.

''I'm so sorry.'' he whispered brushing through your hair with his shaking fingers.

     You shook your head and kissed his chest.

''No I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you're so stupid, and I'm sorry I keep coming back to you. I'm sorry that I love you.'' You were crying again.

     Keaton lifted your chin and wiped away your tears with his thumbs. He had a gentle smile on his lips. 

''Don't be sorry for loving me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for forgiving me.''

      Keaton planted a soft kiss upon your cheek. Drew smiled at Wesley and then at you two. '

"See I told you there would be a happy ending.'' 

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