Over Again

Things started to get better for her but one little mistake made her life a living hell. Battling with a disorder. Neglected by her mother. Whose father raped her is now in search for her. Constant criticism at school by people who once were her friends. Can a boy mend her broken heart and give her a fresh start.


2. The Helicopter

5 months later *at a competition* We arrive at the staples center for our competition, its semi finals... I'm excited!! Little did i know this would permanently change my life.... Its getting to the complicated stunt of the routine "the helicopter" I'm the flyer in this stunt. Fingers crossed. so far so good! I groan as i feel my body hit the ground then everything goes black.... "will she be okay??" "she has a twisted arm and some bruises here and there. She can still cheer. They will heal eventually but as for now she has a concussion." "she just had too ruin our performance didn't she?!" Ow that hurt "it wasn't her fault they didn't catch her." I start to move a little as i start waking up." " she's waking up go get the doctor!!!" I wake up to Karen and Brenda as they greet me with hugs and smiles. "what happened?" "during the performance you fell during your stunt and went unconscious" "no no no! We lost?!" "we were disqualified Kendall but it wasn't your fault." I feel tears forming in my eyes, "yes it was !! We didn't make nationals because of me! " i croaked Nothing but silence filled the room. "guys thanks for your concern and patience but i want to be alone. See you guys Monday" "okay babe. Feel better." They said sympathically As they left the doctor came in with my mom. Great. Here comes the lecture. "Kendall!!! Did i not tell you this was dangerous?!?! Look where you are!" "mom!!! I'm fine its just my arm." "lower that tone young lady! And yes now its just your arm but next time what will it be?! I don't want you doing that cheer thing anymore you hear me?" She left the room leaving me in a nervous breakdown. The doctor interrupted my thoughts by telling me I was lucky and that i was ok and i will be able too cheer. What was the point of that? I made them loose. In between many things i managed to hear my dispatch is tomorrow morning. Yes finally good news! *Next morning* "Kendall!! Are you done?! " my mom tells impatiently "yes mother! Five minutes" I growl as i barely get out of the shower. I step out of the restroom once im done getting dressed "lets go." I demand The way home was a bit awkward after the argument we had last night. Finally we get home. The house was very dark. So i turned on the lights. As i turn on the lights i see people jump up from under the table i yell in surprise noticing it was the team. "awww thanks you guys!!" "no problem how do you feel ?" "Umm better i guess" "Good!!!! Now lets party" ***** "alright you guys its getting pretty late. Its best if you head on home and let Kendall get some rest." My mom complained "right Mrs. Smith thanks for everything and good night! See you tomorrow at school Kendall." Amanda said while everyone else got their stuff "see ya guys" i says weakly I ran into my room preparing for a long day tomorrow. I feel a bad vibe already.
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