New Beginning Another Hope

Serena Paris Young was 8 when her dad died of cancer, and 3 months later her mum committed suicide. I had to mature a lot and I was taken away to a foster home. i've been there since i was 8 and the day i get adopted i just had to be clumsy me and trip on a stair and fall into a guys arms (luckily he caught me). What will happen? Who adopts her? you'll have to read to find out!!



A/N: heyy my little potatoes it's Serena here and this chapter is written by me so i hope you like it and the work of my co-author in the last chapter she is amazing. Anyway better let you get back to the story so, cheerio my little potatoes.



Serena's P.O.V


We were about half way home when i saw a park with some swings in it, so me being me I let got of Niall's hand and ran across the road. I love parks they remind me of the time when my parents were alive and healthy, they used to take me to different parks all the time and play with me then we would get ice-cream and i would always have a smile on my face. i ran to the swings and sat down thinking of all the memories of when i went to the park with my mum and dad.

"Serena were are you going?" i hear Niall shout at me as i was running away.

i start to get tears in my eyes and i'm thinking of the memories of my family. Niall finally catches up and sees me crying.

"Babe are you ok?" he asked concerned. 

"Yeah, i'm fine just memories of when i used to go to parks with my mum and dad." i said and Niall wiped the tiers away with his thumb. It was all sad and down felling so out of nowhere i shout... 


"Ok, anything for my princess." he said with a smile.

So Niall pushes me on the swing for a while and we just talk about random things.

After awhile its about 11:55pm i get up and niall sits down on the swing. So i decide to push niall for about 2 minutes then i got bored so i sat on his lap.It just happens to start raining so we go down to were the lake is and...




when its 12:00 Niall kisses me and fireworks explode everywhere and i get butterflies in my stomach, it was like we were the only people in the world and nothing else mattered. He slides his toung across her bottom lip asking for entrance i let him in. Our toungs move in sync and we finally pull away after about 5 minutes of passionate kissing and all that would come out of his mouth was, WOW.

"Now i can tick kiss in the rain off my bucket list." i said with a smile plastered on my face.

Niall smiles and pecks me on the nose.


Niall's P.O.V

We were walking back home when Serena lets go of my hand and runs across the road. She ran over to some swings so i guess she got tired, i would if i was walking in heels. 

"Serena where are you going?" i shout to her because i had no idea.

I walk over to were Serena is and she is crying.

"Babe are you ok?" I asked concerned. 

"Yeah, i'm fine just memories of when i used to go to parks with my mum and dad." Serena said. So i wiped the tiers away with my thumb and we just sat there in silence but it was sad. Suddenly Serena shouts out of nowhere...


"Ok, anything for my princess." I said with a smile.

So I push Serena on the swing for a while and we just talk about random things.

After awhile it's about 11:55pm Serena get up,so i sit down on the swing, And Serena decides to push me for about 2 minutes then she got bored so walked in front of me and sat on my lap. Great i thought, it just happens to start raining so we go down to were the lake is and...




when its 12:00 I kisses Serena. As soon as i did she kissed back and i felt fireworks going everywhere like new years eve and i had a butterfly army in my stomach, it was like we were the only people in the world and time stud still just for us. I slide my tongue across her bottom lip asking for entrance and she accepted straight away. Our tongues more in sync, we finally broke apart because we needed air after about 5 minutes of kissing passionately.

All that would come out of my mouth was "WOW."

"Now i can tick kiss in the rain off my bucket list." Serena said with her beautiful smile plastered on her face.

I smiles and pecks her on the nose.


Serena's P.O.V

Then we lock our hands together and my hand fits perfitly in his. i don't care if that is clique.

We finally get home and it about 12:30am. We go upstairs and when they get to my room Niall spins me around and suddenly kisses me even more passionatly then last time if thats even possible.

Niall starts to walk off but i didn't want him to go so, 

"wait stay with me tonight pwease i don't want to be alone." i say with my best puppy dog face.

"Ok, princess just let me get my pj's on." Niall whispers. 

Niall got into his pj pants and didn't put a top on witch made me melt.

We got in my bed and Niall pecked me on the nose, i smile and whisper in his ear

"goodnight my prince in shining armer."

I turns around and we end up spooning each other and i melted in Niall. i take a big breath and inhale Niall's sent. my eyelids start to get heavy and the last thing i remember is Niall whispering in my ear,

"Goodnight princess, have sweet dreams. i love you."

and i was out.


Niall's P.O.V

We then locked our hands together and her hand fits perfectly in mine, i know clique but its true i think she is my one and only, my princess.

We finally get home and it about 12:30am. We go upstairs and we get to Serena's door i couldn't help myself and spin her around and kiss her more passionately then the last time. i didn't want to stop but had to to breath.

I start to walk back to my room when Serena, stops me,

"wait stay with me tonight pwease i don't want to be alone." She says with the best puppy dog face and i couldn't say no to her.

"Ok, princess just let me get my pj's on." I whispers remembering everyone else is asleep.

i got into his pj pants and didn't put a top on, i don't wear them to bed and i didn't think Serena would mine.

We got in my bed and i peck her on the nose, she smiles and whispers in my ear, 

"goodnight my prince in shining armer."

She turns around and we spoon each other, i think she is my missing puzzle pice cause she fits into me perfectly. She takes a big breath in and melts more into me. her breathing started to slow down and i know she was falling asleep. i whisper in her ear before she falls into her dreams,

"Goodnight princess, have sweet dreams. i love you."

and i could tell she was asleep because she didn't answer.


Serena's P.O.V

i wakes up the next morning to people taking but kept my eyes closed so i could listen to what they were saying.

Dad: he better not have tryed anything

El: they are so cute together and lighten up simon you know Niall he is the most innocent one out of them all and he doesn't believe in that till after marriage and that is the same with Serena, especially with her history.

oh i may have forgotten to tell you i told El all about my past and even some that i didn't tell my dad.

Dad: i didn't know about that and could you please tell serena i want to speck with her in my office when she wakes up.

El: yep sure.

Louis: im going to take a pic and put it on twitter.

El: i wouldn't do that if i was you Boo Bear. El warned

about 10 flashes go off and i was about to get up when Niall's grip tightened and harry said,

harry: time to wake them!

they better not sing that song or i'm going to kill them.


Harry: Its time to get up, in the morning.

Oh No
Louis: In the morning.
Zayn: Got McDonalds breakfast for you.
Liam: Just for you.
Louis: or any other brand..
Harry: we drove 2 miles just to get it.
Liam: So you better get up and eat it.
Liam & Louis: You don't wanna be a selfish lazy (crazy)
boy.. (Niall and Serena)
All: So we gotta get up!
All: (get)Time to get up!
All: Its time to get up!
All: its time to get uupp.
All:Its time to get up!

all: (time to get up)
Liam and lou: ITS TIME!
Harry: Its time to get up-
Liam: Its time too..
Louis: SHH!
Liam: Get up.
louis: Its time.
Liam: Doobie doo
Liam and Louis: waaakee (gett) UPPPP..

"YOU BOYS HAVE 3 SECONDS TO RUN BEFORE I KILL YOU!!!" i shout and i did mean it.

all 4 laugh, hahahaha they don't know what is coming.

"you have until i count to 3 to run or you don't want to know what happens and it involves you guys not being able to sleep without one eye open." i say

"1" i start to count down,

...."2" they are so stupid

............."3, your dead!!" i get up and chase them out of the room and lock the door so it is only me, El and Niall.

"Ok so i'm going out today and having a me day so get out." i say while pushing them out.

i got my outfit out for after my shower and went into the bathroom and saw that dad did put in a built-in  stereo so i grabbed my phone and plugged it in and  put on my shower play list. yes i have a play list for the shower. 

Play List:

Army of two

dear darlin'


right place right time


best song ever

heartbreak girl

little things



tangled in the great escape


stereo soldier

out of my limit

live while we'er young

when you're gone

one way or another

heart attack


rock me


mamas broken heart

truly madly deeply



what makes you beautiful

tell me a lie

life is waiting

stole my heart

try hard



Around half way though i got out of the shower and i got into my jade inspired clothes and did my hair to the side. i went out to my room and got my blue bag, blue penny board and grabbed my stitch phone case and phone.


and yes i can skate in heels my old friend from before my parents died taught me. I walk down stairs and everyone was in the lounge room.

"Guys i'm going out be back later k." i say walking in.

"not until you put a helmet and padding on and change your shoes if you are going to ride a penny board." Liam said showing his daddy directioner side.

"Nope." i said popping the 'p'.

"yes you will Serena we don't want you to get hurt." Liam said again and everyone nodded their heads 'yes'.

"Nope, but come out the front for a second everyone." i said walking off.

everyone followed and i turn and,

"Ok, so you want me to wear padding and a helmet AND change my shoes well guess what nope and i'll show you why." i said and before anyone could say a thing i started to skate down the porch. i decided to show some moves so i jumped and did a 360 then jumped on the rail and did a few tricks. After showing off to everyone i get off and,

"Sooooo, i'm not changing shoes or putting on safety gear.' i say

everyone is just standing there mouths open.

"close your mouths you'll catch flies." i say and start to walk off down the drive way. when someone stops me.

"WHAAAAT?" i say annoyed.

"Where did you learn all that and WOW just WOW." Niall asked.

"I learnt it when i was younger, before my parents died from my best friend, also how to ride wearing heels but you have to be a pro on flats before you even try with heels and i also know how to surf and roller sake. i am also a black belt in karate so yeah thats how i'm really good at sneaking around and doing pranks." i say then there jaws drop even more.

"Anyway bye, see you guys and gals later i'm having a me day." i say and skate off before anyone can stop me.










































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