New Beginning Another Hope

Serena Paris Young was 8 when her dad died of cancer, and 3 months later her mum committed suicide. I had to mature a lot and I was taken away to a foster home. i've been there since i was 8 and the day i get adopted i just had to be clumsy me and trip on a stair and fall into a guys arms (luckily he caught me). What will happen? Who adopts her? you'll have to read to find out!!


9. A/N:

hey my little potatoes sorry i haven't updated like i said my parents don't like me on this site they think it has bad grammar and stuff like that. 

ok so i need a co-author because one I'm getting writers block and two i can't go on that much

os if you would like to help me and be a co-author email me at

Facebook: serena gravett

snapchat: seza_21

um explain why you want to be a co-author and write a chapter that you think would go great as the next one so a date and whoever dose the best or the one that i like the best wins.

and aslo i have another comp of who wants to be serena's cousin. i can't say any more a bout the cousin but lets say there will be some very juicy bits coming up.

just tell me about your self like:


look like

hair color


quirks(things different about you)

just anything you think i need to know for you to win.


Love ya's my little potatoes


hope you like my story.




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