The Magic of Transylvania

Lucy Periwett is an ordinary girl, well at least she thinks so, but that will shortly change: Lucy is about to enter a magical world, find a sister and become her true self, and it all begins on her 12th birthday when she enters her new home in Transylvania 2 years after her parents' tragic death.


7. "A witch"

Chapter 7

"A witch"


Dan woke up, got dressed and headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. It was his first morning here, since the end of school, and he already had a bad feeling about it. How could he be so stupid. Lucy would never like him now, he'd seen the angry look in her eyes and how they turned a bright orange, there was no doubting it, she was a witch. He was too nervous to talk to her so he had completely ignored her, which he could tell now was a really stupid idea.

When Dan walked into the kitchen he found Eloise and Lucy turn around, but unlike yesterday he could tell who was who. Lucy's eyes were that blazing orange with a matching hateful glare stuck to her face, Eloise on the other hand was bright and happy with her usual emerald eyes and cheery smile.

He glanced at the pile of french toast sat down opposite the girls and dug in.

 Lucy stared, mad, at Dan the whole time, while Dan just tried not to look at her. He was afraid to look her in the eyes. He was a coward, and he knew it.

 "Sooo Dan..." Eloise started, and he looked desperately at her, because now he had a reason, for not looking at Lucy. "Do you have any ideas about what we should do now that its the holidays?" She said, and looked over at Lucy, to tell them both what she was going to say.

 Eloise did notice that there was something wrong, between Dan and Lucy, but she didn't ask. Just like she didn't ask Lucy about her amber eyes, even if she got them when she was angry too.  "I don't know..." He said, a little nervously, but kept his eyes on Eloise, and tried hard not to look at Lucy, but it was hard for him. Especially when he missed her as much, as he did. He missed her smile. He missed the sound of her voice. Not the cold and scary voice, she had been using since last night. Her happy voice, that could make him smile, at any time. And most of all. He missed her kind and friendly eyes. 

 Her new eyes were actually kind of creepy, he thought. Creepy was and understatement. He was scared of her new eyes. The way the madness just glowed out of them. He was afraid of her! He knew she was a witch, even if she didn't. She didn't know, what she was capable of, and neither did he, well not really.

He knew that if she got just a little bit annoyed with anybody, something could happen. Something, she couldn't control. And he also knew she already was pretty annoyed at him, and that scared him pretty much to.

 Lucy just kept staring at Dan, and after a few seconds, Eloise couldn't hold her curiosity down any longer.

 "Would one of you please tell me what's going on between you?" She asked, a little irritated by their childish behavior. It was childish, and Dan knew, when Lucy on the other hand, just was too mad, to see anything, but red.

 "I wish I knew" Lucy said with a voice so filled with anger, it almost scared Eloise. Then Lucy stood up so fast, and hard, that her chair practically flew, 70 inches backwards. Eloise looked scared at her, and for the first time in days, Dan did to. Lucy still had her eyes on Dan, and he saw how her orange eyes turned red.

 "But, clearly, I'm the problem! More I don't know!" She said still filled with so much hatred, it scared both Dan and Eloise. Everything she said did.

 Eloise looked scaredly away from Lucy, and over at Dan. She whispered a 'What's going on?' so Lucy wouldn't hear it. Dan shrugged his shoulders, and looked back at Lucy, who still stared at him with disgust.

 "You don't know?!" Lucy screamed at Dan. "So you don't know, you have ignored me, completely!? You don't know how you made me cry last night?! You don't know!" She screamed so madly, with tears dragging down her cheeks. She obviously heard, what Eloise whispered. Before any of them got a chance to do, or say, anything Dan's chair - with Dan on it - flew backwards into the wall, so hard that the chair broke into pieces. 

 Lucy and Eloise, both gasped out loud. Eloise started screaming, and ran over to Dan, to see if he was okay. Lucy didn't know what to do. She just looked scared at her hands. "Wa- was that m-me?" She said scared, almost crying. Dan put his hand on his forehead, mumbled something with god damn it but neither Lucy nor Eloise heard it properly.

 "Was that me?" Lucy mumbled again, as scared as before. Her eyes turned from red to orange, and then from orange to her normal light blue. Lucy sat frustrated down on the floor, and pulled her hair. "How could I do that" she said highly. "How?!" She yelled, even higher. 

 "Lucy, it wasn't your fau-" "Of course it was!" She interrupted Dan, screaming. Luckily Alistor, was out shopping for dinner, so he didn't see it. She knew what he would do. He would do what everybody else always did, when she did something wrong. He would kick her out. He would say, he couldn't handle her, and she would get a new place. Again. Just like she always does. That's what scared her the most.

 "Lucy!" Dan stood up and walked over to her - though it really hurt in his back, and his head. "It's NOT your fault. You couldn't control it, and I was an idiot, because I knew it" he said, putting a hand on her shoulder, and looked ashamed at the ground. "Knew it? Knew what?" Lucy was confused. Confused by all those feeling that just rushed through her. Sadness, disappointment, confusion... anger? Mad at herself, for making Dan suffer.

 "I knew you would do something you couldn't control. I knew what you were. I knew this would happen, yet I didn't do anything about it. I didn't have the guts to tell you why I ignored you. I didn't have the guts to tell you how crazy I am about you" He said, smiling, because of the last part.

 Lucy was so confused over everything, he said, she didn't even notice what he actually ended up saying. She didn't notice he said he liked her. He liked her, in the same way she liked him. The only thing she could focus on, was another thing he said. 'I knew what you were'. That sentence just repeated in her head a million times before she opened her mouth to say something, but stopped.

 Dan was so nervous, when she opened her mouth. He hoped she would say, she felt the same way. He was afraid she would say, she didn't. He was surprised when she actually said something.

 "What... What I was?" Dan looked disappointed on the floor, because he still didn't know how she felt. "What do you mean, you knew what I was?" He looked up from the floor, and straight into her eyes when he said the word. "A witch" 

 Lucy's eyes immediately turned orange again, and Dan took a step back because of it. "Dan! This is real! I don't have time for your mean jokes! I'm scared Dan! I'm really really scared, and yet you still thinks it's the time to make SUCH a bad joke! Maybe you didn't notice, but I made you fly into the wall so hard, that your chair broke! I made it fly into the wall, Dan! That's serious! Not something to joke about!" She yelled so madly, that it made her orange eyes glow Again. And not glowing in the good way. Glowing in the creepy and scary way. 

 "I know! Lucy I mean it! It's not a joke! Maybe you didn't notice, but you made me fly so hard into the wall, that my chair broke! That's pretty witch like!" The second he said it, he heard how wrong that sounded, but he didn't gefgMit a chance to explain what he meant, before Lucy already was screaming again. "Pretty witch like?!" She screamed, while her eyes turned red. "Pretty witchy?!" She screamed again even higher. "WANNA SEE PRETTY WITCHY?!" She screamed, while all the dust from the floor circled around her. "Calm down, Lucy" Eloise said, but it was to late. Dan was hit by a win, that was so hard, he flew into the wall, again, but this time harder and faster. When he felt down from the wall, and landed on the floor, he felt a huge pain go through his back. "Lucy!" Eloise screamed with tears rolling down her cheeks, but Lucy ignored her.

 Lucy stormed over to him, with her red eyes, that still glowed of madness. "Lucy" he said trying to make her calm down, but she was already standing in front of him, and with one look he flew up in the air, and into the wall, again. "Lucy!" Eloise screamed again, but it didn't stop her. And Dan hit the wall again. And again. And every time Dan, hit the wall he groaned in pain, but Eloise didn't do anything. She wanted to. She really wanted to, but she was stiffened of fear. She didn't knew what to do anyway, if her legs wanted to move. But they didn't. And she hated to look at it. The only thing she could do, was to stand there, and cry while looking at it.

 "Lucy! Stop! Please!" She kept screaming, but Lucy couldn't control herself. Now Dan flew out from the wall, for what must have bin 15'th time Eloise couldn't stand to see more, so she screamed:"Stop Lucy! You're going to kill him" and with those words hanging in the air, Dan felt down on the floor, and Lucy's eyes turned orange. Not blue. Just orange. 

 She took a deep breath, and looked over at Eloise, who was still crying. "Lucy." She said, low with a shaking voice. "I... I think it might be true" She said, still with a shaking voice, but now also afraid. Afraid for her reaction. She didn't knew Lucy anymore. Lucy didn't even knew Lucy anymore. 

 Eloise, walked over to Lucy and look her deep in the eyes. Lucy looked like someone who could begin to cry every second. "Lucy. This isn't you, and you know it. Maybe being a witch isn't a bad thing, if you learn to control it" Eloise said trying to make Lucy calm down. 

 Lucy took a deep breath and looked over at Dan who sat on the floor, moaning over his back. "Dan." She said, with a cold voice, that actually surprised him a little. "I don't know what happend" her voice was still cold, but also shaking, this time. "Non of us did" he said, trying not to make her feel bad.

 He really tried to ignore the pain, he really did, but it was hard. It felt like the pain, went straight through his back, and into his heart. His heart that beat with 100 km/h - or, it felt like 100. His heart that beated only for Lucy, and she didn't even seemed to care. That's what hurted the most. He was knocked into the wall, about twenty times, and his back was probely seriously hurt, but it didn't hurt as much, as the fact that she didn't cared. 

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