seperate at birth

This stoy is about a pair of twins born in a poor area, according to the rules of their country the oldest is taken into the family of the Bern, the dictatior of their country. 2 months after their 13th birthday the Bern sends his daughter to stay with her twin for a fortnight, during this time she is shown the ropes of living off the land as a basic pharmacist; she soon discovers that things are not as fine and dandy as they seem.


2. Mrs Collins Is Ill Again


Wound in my covers and covered in sweat, I awake to see my ma standing over me

"Mrs Collins is down again" she sighs

"At this hour?"


After I dress I stumble into the kitchen to see a plump woman sitting on our stool, she looks as if she could not possibly scramble down to our stone floor, her chubby legs a full half foot off the ground, her face set in an expression of discust with the state of our home.


As I look around at the simple decoration and structure, the four walls and roof that formulate our hut that is both large (by comparison to some) and small (in comparison to ... others) I can see why her face is positioned in that manner;Mrs Collins herself lives in the manor house just over the hill; not many people have been there, not wanting to mix with the members of our town who live in a form of poverty, my ma and I are the only people from the huts that she has invited to her relm. Only because when the main doctor is unavadable we are the onjly medical help in the village.


"I am sorry to dissrupt your slumber but this just could not wait"

"It is my plesure to serve you lord mayor"  This is not my choice, the bern orders us to

 "respect our superiors".


Mrs Collins clearly caught the sarcasm in my tone, her face twists into a snarl

"I am sencierly glad that your sister lives in the bernhood insted of you"

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