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1. Diagon Alley

I never knew about my father really he is very blurry in my head but i do remember he loved playing with the dark arts! Just like i but i do prefer potions my mom always told me i was like both her and my father i always wondered would we ever meet? If so would i love him? Or judge him for leaving the way he did but mother always told me never to question dad because he can get very angry but i do not think he could get mad at his daughter but who knows i was always a little less perfect then all the other boys and girls but momma said today was big day for me! I wounded what she means by 'big' hmmm i laid in bed wondering about today yes i was 12 and called her momma she was all i had left in my life but it was more then enough she looked at me very closely "angel it's time to wake up where going to Diagon alley to get you ready for September 1st you'll be going to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry where both your father and i went for 7 years you'll love it there now come on get up and get dressed we leave in 30 my dear" i sighed and rolled over my mom no matter how much loved her she was very annoying for someone in her forty's she sure drove me nuts i got up and walked over to my closet it was a hot summer day in Orlando Florida So i picked a pair of red plaid shorts with a cute blouse with s black tank top with a pair if combat boots yes i may be 12 but i love to look cute and adorable i ran my fingers through my almond brown hair it had hints of golden in it only cause of the sun i ran down stairs to my breakfast waiting for me i chowed down on the toast eggs bacon and my cereal yes i love to eat i look at my mom who reluctantly looked back at me a smile flashing over her face "ready to go my little angel? Today we must use flue powder" i hated the powder always made me get sick gross " really do we have to can we not get there another way mom?" "No sorry angel this is the only way to get to Diagon alley" i grumbled at the thought of getting sick all because i had to do this stuff for school so i grabbed the powder and got myself to diagon alley without any troubles mom knew i would be in my favourite store in all of diagon alley id be in Ollivander's the wand shop i ran to it opening the door the bells chimmed to my arrival the man that looked to be in his 70's to late 70's he smiled and looked at me his accent was funny but i was poilte as he spoke "and who might you be my dear?" "Alice, Alice Black" he smiled and sighed "here to try out wands i see well lets get you started Miss Black" "okie dokie" he lookd through his wands and carefully slid it out into his palms it looked slightly like my mother's wand i wondered where is was maybe getting other supplies the man looked at my with a grin " this my dear is a 12" wand made from dragon heart with a string of unicorn hair just give it a flick and we will see if this is your wand" i gave it a slight flick and boxds flung from the shelves and i gasped he gave a chuckle and grabbed a another wand "ah this is one i have never been able to cell but this is made from lockwood,dragon heart and unicorn string my dear give it a whirl" i did the same as i did before and his mouth dropped it shot out fire works he smiled "indeed you have your wand my dear that will be only 25 galleons" i paid and thanked the kind Man and met up with my mother at the robes store seems she has gotten everything i needed but an owl i showed her my wand and she smiled "how lovely go chat with some of the kids ad wait for you name to be called sweety i'll be outside" i did as she said and said down beside a blonde boy with smoky blue eyes he was my age and quite handsome. He looked at me "hello your new i'm Draco Malfoy i'm purr bloood what about yourself?" I smiled at his confidense and cocky additude "Alice Black Pure blood of course!" "Well Alice tell you what I"ll come and find you on the day you leave for hogwarts and we can sit together how's that sound?" "That would be so amazing draco! I do not know anyone and im really scared that i will be picked on" " do not worry with me youll br safe Alice" both of our names where called by a old lady and a mid forty's woman i laughed and walked with him back it took about 30 mitues for both of us and i grabbed my uniforms and robes and hugged him walking out the door with him i called after him as he left with his parents "find me on the train!!! Near thr back Draco!!" He laughed i heard him and smiled i looked at my mother and we went to the last place for my owl we walked around the store until i came apon a black owl with piercing amber eyes this was my bird we paid for it and i questioned what to call him as i yelled out "stark" mom smiled and we headed home it was time for bed by the time i finished packing and such mom gave my birthday presants but she gave me a sliver and emerald necklace that had a snake i loved it it was perfect soon it would be September 1st and hogwart would be my new home as of tomrrow i laid my head down and set my alarm a new. Day was about to begin a new life at hogwarts awaited me...
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