Can Be Seen Together

Carly Mason had transferred schools years before. She met Brody Rider those years ago. His friends didn't like her so they made her life a living hell. She promised them that she wouldn't hang around him. It's sophomore year. Her promise gets harder to keep when he tries to befriend her again. He shouldn't have done that. Hell is about to hit both of them. Hard.


1. Prologue- Not Running anymore

Carly Mason. 

I met him in the 6th grade. We almost became friends. His best friends though. They didn't approve of that. Reasons are unknown. Reasons will stay unknown. I don't care about them. All I care is that I'll be able to get back at them. They've made me stronger. These boys made me who I am today.

Nothing hurts me. Not physically. Not mentally. Definitely not verbally. I will never be hurt again. Not the way I used to be. I'm not that little girl anymore. She's gone with the past life. She's never to be seen again. Gone forever.

 It's been 3 years since all of that. I've changed. Most people would say too much. Most people would say I'm crazy. That I am. I am crazy. I'm crazy for many reasons. Trusting people is a huge reason. Others? Other reasons stay private. Always will. 

 Standing in front of a full length mirror examining myself. My now black hair, tan skin, blue eyes. I look like a hipster to be honest. A red plaid shirt, a loose white undershirt, dark wash jeans, light grey combat boots, and a pair of hipster frames today. 

I left the mirror and walked out of my house. First day of sophomore year. What a fucking joy. Another year of the bastards. It could only get worse. If I choose to think in that mindset anyway. Ledgends say that the way you think brings things into life so better you think, the better the life. 

The bus stop that I'm standing at. It's also the one he'll be standing at. I'm standing here alone right now. That's a good thing. The less time with him and his friends, the better. I watch my back though. They're smart guys. They know how to get one to settle for a bit. That'll only catch you off guard and get you hurt.

My eyes met with his for a second. He started to get closer to me. I began to back away. A smirk played on his lips as he started laughing. I looked at him in pure confusion.

"Will you chill?" he asked, still laughing, "Don't worry it's just me." I won't be chill again until I graduate and never have to see them again. I'm not capable of it when they're around.

"I can't be see with you. Remember? I promised them." I explained, still backing away from him. 

"Why are you so scared? They won't do anything." 

"A knife in my arm is nothing? I was sent to the hospital."


"Forget it, Brody. I gotta go."

I walked away quickly, mentally slapping my self for mentioning it. It just came out, that was supposed to stay secret. Only my brother and my best friend Taylor knew and I made them promise not to say anything. I'm already in deep shit. I don't need to bring anyone else down with me. 

I decided on walking to school so I wouldn't see him on the bus. The walk wasn't that long anyway. I knew one thing though. I was gonna hold my head high and live my life the way I wanted this year. 

I didn't care about them. Cole and Brandon weren't gonna control me forever. 3 years was enough. 

I walked into the school ready for anything. 


I was being held up against some lockers by Cole. It was the end of the day and he found out that I'd told Brody and he was furious. My feet were dangling. 

"Listen, you little bitch, you tell him anything else and I swear your life will be worse than hell." He said, voice fill with pure anger. 

"It already is. What've I got to lose?" I asked. A smirk grew on my face as I kneed him in the balls. He instantly let go of me as he groaned in pain. Brandon came at me as I started to leave. I swung my elbow back as hard as I could and that set him back. 

I ran as fast as I possibly could. They were probably chasing me. Those years of cross country finally paid off. I took a little detour through the city on my way home. I ran into an alleyway. There was a sharp pain in my leg and it stung. I looked down at my leg to see a tear in my jeans and a deep gash in my leg. At that moment, something in me snapped. I wasn't gonna run anymore; I was going to stand up to them. That was the first thing I said this morning and I'd broken the promise to myself. 

This time I meant it. 


A/N: Hey you guys! What do you think so far? This is the first story that I can definitely say has pure emotion in it. I can honestly say that I've felt what Carly has felt. I added a little more action though. I hop you guys like how this turns out. I think I'm going to do a quote of the chapter thing. Some quotes I've made up and some from movies. (I'll give credit to those too)

Quote of the Chapter: "If you wanna prove something to everyone, first you have to prove it to yourself." (made up by me)

Bye until next chapter!(:


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