Follow your heart 2

There is something with Lexi but what? And how will Louis react on the news? Find it out in Follow your Heart 2


5. Dockters appointment

It was now the end of november almost december.
It was cold these days.
Today I had an appointment with Sophie again.
I was almost four months pregnent and you could see it know.
He was a real football boy because sometimes I really heel him.
Louis and I didn't fight once and I was happy with that.
The engagment and the baby was good for us.
Perrie, Ashley and I were spending much time together.
Perrie and Zayn would cook tonight so we would eat with each other.
I walked downstairs and was already dressed.
“Goodmorning baby” Louis says.
“Is that my nickname or do you mean our child?” I ask and laugh.
No one except Zayn, Perrie, Louis and I knew it was going to be a boy.
“Both, how are you?” he asks.
“Good, ready to go?” I ask.
We walked outside to his car.
Everyone was still asleep.
Louis was so protectfull over me and the baby.
We talked about the perfect name alot too.
Louis liked names that just look like his name, he thought about Lex, the boy version of my name.
I liked names like Justin, Danny, Sam, Jake.
I think I liked Jake the most because I could call him 'Jakie'.
Louis and I just couldn't decide.
“You know, if we call him Jake his nickname could be Jakie” I say out of nowhere.
“It's maybe a nice name” he says.
The other names he just crashed down.
Like when I said : We could call him Danny, he answerd : like your first boyfriend so no.
“I think I like the names Jesse, Justin and Jake the most, all with a j” I say and laugh.
“Jesse Tomlinson, Jake Tomlinson, Justin Tomlinson” Louis says
“Justin Tomlinson...” I mumble.
“Thats quite a good one” he says.
“Justin Austin Tomlinson” I say.
“That's actually a pretty good one” he says.
I smile.
Maybe his name was going to be Justin Austin Tomlinson.
We arrived at the hospital and walked over to the desk.
We could walk straight to Sophie's room.
It was the same routind again.
Meeting, introducing Louis, the bed, the gell, the controller.
We looked on the screen while I hold Louis' hand.
“That's our son” Louis says.
He smiled.
We heared his heartbeat.
“He is so cute, isn't he?” I say to Louis.
“He is adorable” Louis says.
After watching him for ten minutes more we made a thirt appointedment, around half march I woud come again.
We get a new picture.
This one was for Louis.
“There are the love birds” Zayn screams from the kitchen.
Perrie is grabbing some knifes and forks and the boards.
Zayn is cooking.
We greet everyone and show everyone the new picture.
Everyone wants to know his name because of the picture you could see it was a boy.
The extra guest room next to our room is turned into the baby room.
Zayn and Louis work hard on it.
The walls are like my dress which I wore when Louis and I engaged.
I love that blue.
I buyed a lot of baby stufs.
A bed, a closet, clothes, toys, pacifiers.
Zayn and Louis placed everything on the right placed.
We had diapers, milk bottles, bibs too.
It was enough for now.
That evening with ate with everyone.
“What are we going to do with christmass?” Harry asks.
“Just buy two presents for everyone and then for all the persons” I say.
“That's a great idea” Niall says.
“We always did it at my home” I say.


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