Follow your heart 2

There is something with Lexi but what? And how will Louis react on the news? Find it out in Follow your Heart 2


8. birthday

an sorry for so long not updating


“Zayn... Wake up” I say while shaking him awake.
“Wha... Lexi?” he asks with his sleepy voice.
“It's ten o'clock relax but we NOW need to decorate everything” I say.
“Oow yeah sure... Can I have a minute... Perrie and I... I'm...” he says.
“Sure, I'll be downstairs” I say and walk out of his room.
I grabbed all the decoration's.
We had balloons and flags.
And the presents of course.
I waited ten minutes before Zayn walked downstairs.
“I'm sorry, morning hormones” he says.
“Zayn...” I say and laugh.
“What... You have a good excuse too. Baby hormones” he says.
“But I don't wake up with a... Well never mind. Let's decorate, I'll make breakfast” I say and walk to the kitchen.
“Do you feel him? I mean...” Zayn asks.
“Sometimes he kicks me, it's a really football boy” I say and smile.
I make some croissants.
I grab a bottle of milk and water.
It's a healthy morning.
I grab some cookies and donut too.
I place everything on boards.
I grab some boards for everyone too.
“Lexi, how is it?” Zayn asks.
I look up from the table.
“Zayn it's perfect” I say and hug him.
“Thanks” he says.
Zayn runs to the kitchen and grab some other things.
“We can eat, we only have to wake everyone” I say.
“You can wake up Louis, I will do the rest” Zayn says and runs upstairs.
I slowly follow him.
“Niall, Ashley, wake up, wake up, wake up” Zayn screams.
I laugh.
I walk to my room.
“Louis...” I say and shake him awake.
“Hmm, morning” he says.
“I made some breakfast for you” i say and stroke his cheek.
“For me?” he asks.
“Yeah” I say.
“Why?” he asks and sit up straight.
“Because you're going to be a dad... And you're twenty-two right know” I say.
“What? Is it my birthday?” he asks.
“Yeah, happy birthday Louis” I say and hugg him.
“Thank you” he says.
I kiss him and then we walk downstairs.
Everyone starts to sing happy birthday.
After they sang they all say happy birthday.
“Who did this? Well, I mean organize?” he asks.
Everyone looks at me.
“I guess it's me” I say and laugh.
He kisses me.
“Thank you so much, for everything” he whispers.
“It's nothing, we have presents too” I whisper back.
He hugs me.
“You're the best, I love you” he says.
“But the food is getting cold and I'm hungry” I say.
“Yeah, sorry” he says.
He takes my hand and we sit by the others.
We all eat the croissants and the cookies and donut's.
Almost everyone drinks water.
We decided to have a lazy day and give Louis the presents tonight.
We all sat under blankets, cuddling and watch movies.
We first watched 'life of pi' which was a great movie.
Then we decided to watch mama mia.
We all sang a bit with the songs and were happy.
It was a perfect day.
For dinner Louis and I made lasagne.
Well... Louis did almost everything because I can't cook that great.
I love being with Louis.
And I can't wait till tomorrow for the presents.
After we ate dinner it was time for Louis' presents.
“So Louis, we, Ashley, Niall, Zayn and I have a present for you and Lexi has a present for you” Perrie says.
“So which one do you want first?” Zayn asks.
“Give me yours first” he says and smile.
“Okay, stand up babe” I say while covering his eyes with small towel.
Zayn leads him to the door.
“So open your eyes” he says.
Louis removes the towel and open his eyes.
“HARRY, LIAM!!” he screams.
He hugs his friends.
“Happy birthday Louis” Liam says.
“Happy birthday mate” Harry says.
“We wanted them to be here with your birthday” Niall says.
“So they flood over” Ashley says.
We all hugged them welcome.
“Only... We haven't got present for you” I say.
“I already got them when I was home so I have enough” Liam says.
“Yeah me too, I saw something nice for you and Lou” Harry says.
He smiles a bit.
“Harry, what is it?” I ask.
He looks into his bag.
“After your whole pregnancy thing you can wear this” he says and gives me a present.
I questionly look at him.
“Okay then...” I say and open the present thing.
“HARRY!!” I scream and laugh.
“What, Louis would like it” Harry says.
“He has a point babe” Louis says.
“Lou!” I say.
I laugh.
Ashley, Niall, Zayn, Perrie and Liam don't really understand why were laughing.
“It's a christmas dress” I say while I hold it up.
“Well... It isn't really a dress” Niall says.
We all laugh.
Harry is a joke person.
“I met someone when I was home...” Liam says breaking the short silent.
“You met a girl? Who is it? Why didn't you told me?” Harry asks.
“Well... I don't know, her name is Danielle, she has brown hair and I invited her to come here...” he says.
“That's good news, I'm so happy for you” Niall says.
“Are you like boyfriend girlfriend?” Louis asks.
“Yeah...” Liam says.
“That's great” Perrie says.
“And another girl in the house” Ashley says.
“Harry, did you have meet someone or are you alone?” I ask.
“Well... I met a girl too... And I invited her too... She comes tonight” Harry says.
“Danielle too” Liam says.
“What’s her name?” Niall asks.
“Well... Her name is Katie” Harry says.
We hear a knock on the bell.
It were Katie and Danielle.
We talked the whole evening and around eleven o'clock Niall and Ashley wanted to go to bed.
Harry, Katie, Liam and Danielle went fast after them.
“I think we need to go upstairs soon too” Zayn says.
“We can sit here for a bit longer right?” Perrie asks.
“Sure... Lexi!!! You forgot your present” Zayn says.
“I know, I thought about it a few minutes ago, want it now babe?” I ask while looking at Louis.
“Sure” he says.
“Perrie and Zayn helped me a bit with this present” I say.
I grab the little box.
“Here” I say while hand him the present.
I sit next to him on the couch again.
“Open it” I say and smile.
He opens it and see the necklace.
“It's beautiful” he says and take the necklace out off the box.
He turns de ball around to look at it.
“So you like it?” I ask.
“Yeah, thanks, you're all the best” he says and smile while he places a soft kiss on my cheek.
I smile too.
I'm just so happy everything is good now.
“Merry christmas” Zayn says.
“Merry christmas everyone” I say.
“Merry christmas” Louis says.
“Just a super merry christmas for you guys” Perrie says and smile.
I kiss Louis and Zayn kisses Perrie.
“It's going to be a perfect day” I say and fall asleep on the couch.
Louis' P.O.V.
The necklace she gave me was perfect.
That Harry and Liam came home was perfect too and both of them were now in love too.
Lexi fall asleep with her head on my chest.
I was in a kind of lie position too so I fall asleep very fast after him.
Perrie's P.O.V.
Lexi and Louis fall asleep on the couch.
l was lying with my head on Zayn's chest.
He was so perfect and I was so in love with him.
I loved the fact that Louis and Lexi were having a kid and getting married.
I would love a little Louis boy in house.
I always loved children.
“Zayn...” I whisper.
I look at him.
He falls asleep too.
I stand up and clicked some lights off.
I lied on Zayn's chest again and fall asleep.




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