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2. Tiegan

Every morning I meet Tiegan outside her house (which was only down the road from mine) to walk to school. As I got to her house, she opened the door to step outside. She looked up at me, her light blonde hair covering her tanned face. I could see her eyes through her mess of hair. They were red and puffy from crying. I noticed she had tights on under her skirt. Usually i woudn't notice something like that, but considering it's practically the middle of summer and it was a quite warm day, it made me suspicious.

"Whats wrong?" I questioned her, whisking strands of hair out of her face, reveling a single bruise on her jaw- line. I gasped, i started to put somethings together. Her mum and dad had been fighting recently so she had been sleeping at my house more and her younger brother, Seth, had been staying round his aunts more.

"F*CK YOU!!" I heard someone scream through the door. Im asuming it was Tiegan's mum. Suddenly, the door burst open reveling a crying Mrs Roberts.

"Oh my poor baby!" Tiegan's mum quickly embraced her now sobbing daughter. Until now, I hadn't realised how quiet I've been through the whole of this.

"W-what?" I simply asked. Mrs Roberts swiftly guided us inside of her silver mini to explain.

"David... David hasn't been acting right lately and I asume you know that we haven't got along quite right these past weeks?" I knodded. "Well... Last night I calmly asked him what was wrong and he suddenly snapped. He started screaming and shouting at me, so Tiegan came down to see what was going on. Before I could tell her to go back to her room, he... he lashed out on her and.... punched her..." Tiegan's mum lookede down at her lap, letting a single, crystal tear fall. I looked up and Tiegan, who was now sobbing in the seat next to me and pulled her into a hug. Then I noticed her tights again, maybe he had done something to her legs too.

"Tiegan?" I said pulling away, "Why are you wearing tights?" Her eyes widend, her mum also looked up questioningly.

"I... I... Im sorry! I can't handle situations like this! It was a bad thing to do, but- but...." She didn't have to say anymore. I knew what she ment and I knew it was a hard thing to say. I pulled her into another hug. Today wasn't the day to have a go at her for cutting. Especially with whats she's going through right now.

In the end, Tiegan's mum drove us too school and wrote a note apoligising for being late and saying we were dealing with 'family issues'.

When we eventually got to school, everyone had already gone to class and all the hallways were deserted, except for the one person I could really do without seeing this morning.

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