One Shot (jariana love story)

well im just a girl living a normal life untill the gun shoots and i know one shot has started well basicly during one shot they are three rules
1) you get a pistol with one bullet so only one shot
2) you fight your battel no helping or borrowing bullets
3) no teaming up
what happens when i brake all of the rules to fight for love?
(inspiered by the hunger games)


3. I Know We Will Never Brake

Jai's POV

I looked back as soon as she called. She looked at me and broke down, I ran up to her and hugged her I couldn't see her like this I loved her so much damn one shot its killing  me before it starts how am I supposed to stay alive without Ariana she was my reason to be here I've lost everyone who means somthing to me during one shot I'm not letting her go. 

"Ariana look at me look at me please look at me" I continue when she looks up with tears in her eyes "I love you so much i don't care about the rules I'm done with the rules you are the only person in life who I love if you're gone how will I breathe please don't leave me please don't!"

" Do you know what I'm done to they can't stop us from being together I love you and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon but what do we do" 

Ariana spoke confidently tears still filled her eyes but she didn't care she just kept going.

"Ummm we can meet up at the tree house the one that we built last year, we can move all our luggage there and stay there at all times so I'm there to protect you" 

I spoke proudly of what I had made up on the spot I could see concern in her eyes so I said 

"it's our only hope."

That seemed to convine her,she looked happy again she smiled broadly and I smiled back. 

"Ok then lets start packing one shot starts tomorrow"

She said happily wow that was a fast mood swing, but I love her so I don't care wait that came out wrong I do care she's happy but.. There is no buts I love her and that's it I really I hope I don't muck this up 

"sure just don't carry anything heavy ill do that part my bags are in the trunk so I guess you're the only one who needs to pack, I can help if you want"

i said just to be kind 

"nope im packed to but what will we do if they catch us they would kill us"

Ariana replied,i had no answer to give.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------thx so much for reading i love reading your comments so please comment and favourite ily stay beautiful

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