But I Love You

this is about Justin Bieber who is dating a really sweet girl named Hannah but but when he was auditioning back up dancers he fell in love with a girl named Danielle she absolutely perfect there's just one thing she hates Justin she just makes him feel different than Hannah she gives him butterflies he has to choose between one of them but should he give up Hannah for someone who might not like him.


3. Dance Auditions

*Justin POV*

I Walked into the auditions, I was really excited about picking my new backup dancer.


I saw all the girls walk in and i said hi and explained what the were going to have to do. I watched all the auditions, and then the last audition the girl was beautiful even in baggy sweatpants and a t shirt (outfit >> http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/app )

she danced to as long as you love me but i could tell she hated it.. she was amazing.


*Danielle POV*

''Do I have to?!'' i asked my dance teacher ''YES!!'' she yelled. Today we had to audition to be a a backup dancer for Justin beaver I hate him so much he is so full of himself i do not want to be with him for a whole year on tour..


i was last and i felt him checking me out it was very creepy i danced to as long as you love me, i hated it! Justin was just sitting there with a huge grin on his face. ugh i hate him so much.


Justin and Scooter were talking and deciding who to choose. I sat talking to my BFF Ally. i love ally so much she is so amazing the best friend ever!


Justin finally was done deciding and walked over to us to say who got it. He stood in front of us and said '' All of you girls are so beautiful and amazing dancers'' i rolled my eyes. '' but I can only choose one of you and she is'' please dont be me please dont be me i thought. ''Danielle! congratulations come back tomorrow and we will work everything out with your parents'' he said with a smile on his face. ugh.. why..


I went home and told my mom dad, and sister the news they all smiled and said congratulations and I just left. I guess this could be good for my dancing but nothing else.



A/N sorry its short..

but what will happen will justin break up with hannah

Will Danielle start to like justin 







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