Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)





Hi guys, sorry got a bit held up. Some girl was sending hate to a fake Sophia Smith instagram account, I don't know why but it made me so pissed. So I asked her why she sends hate to Sophia without knowing her. Before I knew she was calling me names etc. But worst of all she typed in CAPS :0!!! I remained calm, if she starts calling me names I'll start treating her like a child. That only made her more furious (exactly my intention). For intense she wrote this (in caps!!) : I SAY ALL THE THINGS I WANT TO SAY! IT'S MY OPINION AND SHE CAN'T PRETEND TO BE LOVED BY ALL THE FANS! AND WHO ARE YOU FOR ME TO SAY WHAT I HAVE TO DO? I said : I didn't say that sweety pie. I suggested that. I don't think she pretends to be loved by all the fans, she's not at all actually. Like she says, she's hurt because of all the hate. And so is Liam. You don't want Liam to be sad right sweety? It's not fair that everybody is sending her hate, so please baby girl stop. In response to that she said. : STOP TREATING ME AS A FUCKING 2 YEAR OLD. AND I FUCKING REPEAT, IT'S MY DAMN OPINION. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN IGNORE IT. I'M SCREAMING OUT OF ANGER HER BITCH. I think she's a bit drama queen here, so I answered. BECAUSE YOU ASKED SO NICELY I WILL IGNORE YOU FROM NOW ON. LET'S PRETEND YOU'RE A LAMA OKAY. DO YOU KNOW WHAT KIND OF SOUND LAMA'S MAKE? NO NEITHER DO I. LET'S ASSUME THEY MAKE NONE YEAH? SO BE A GOOD GIRL AND ACT LIKE A LAMA. HAVE FUN, AND SLEEP THIGHT, I MEAN TWO YEAR OLDS NEED THEIR NAPS HA?! BE QUICK IT'S ALMOST 2 PM NOW, YOU WOULDN'T WANT TO MISS ANY SLEEP WOULD YA? GOODNIGHT SUGAR PIE LOVE YA. (I didn't say it in caps but I accidentally typed this in caps and i'm to lazy to rewrite it in normal) I was laughing my ass of by now cause no matter how bad they are I always laugh at my own jokes. I know sad right … Anyways she replied with some nasty words : FUCK YOU MOTHAFUCKING WHORE. OH THAT'S AN UNDERSTATEMENT. YOU ARE WORSE THEN A WHORE, THERE ISN'T EVEN A WORD BAD ENOUGH TO DESCRIBE YOU. Of course I couldn't resist to respond. Hey sorry honey, but I just can't let you use those bad words. It hurts people. Go wash your mouth while I think of a good punishment for you. I think I know a good way. I'm sorry it had to come so far but you're grounded, even though you are only two.. You're grounded. After that she only sad. I FUCKING HATE YOU BITCH. And I said I know you love me honey.. goodbyexx love you forever and always! Now she blocked me, so I can't talk to her anymore.

I'm not like Sophia's biggest fan or something like that, but I certainly don't hate her. It's like when someone has a candy bar (Liam) and you and your clvassmate (Sophia) both want it but she gets it. Sophia doesn't deserve hate for getting the candy bar!! She deserves to have it, no one needs to be so cruel to her. If they want a candy bar too, they should just go and find one (or buy one for they rich people who can actually buy people around here). So if one of you guys is sending hate to Sophia please stop. She's just a person woth feelings too. Same with Eleanor. Louis loves her and Harry, but he's in a relationship with Eleanor, respect that. I'm neither a Larry or a Elounor shipper, or a Payzer or Sophiam(is that the real ship name?) shipper, but I am someone who thinks none of them should get hate. They are all to nice for that.

This was my reason for not working on the story. But I swear, i'll start right now. And I hope I didn't piss anyone off.


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