Catch the bullet (Liam Payne, Niall horan fan fiction

Dagmar and her best friend Laura are two lucky girls who have meet and greet tickets to one directions concert!!. Finally a chance to meet Liam and Niall. They can't wait. But in the middle of the meet and greet hate towards the boys takes its toll. Haters with guns can be a real buzz kill! ------------ I do have to say that the beginning of the story is kinda shitty. This is my first movella, but trust me it gets better with the chapters! :)


34. Hate

Laura's POV

I deleted my twitter, I was getting way to much hate from everybody, I mean like a thousand hate tweets in barely two days! On top of that the letters from the president kept coming too. She did what she said. The boys weren't getting letters from her anymore, she sends them to us girls. Each day one for each girl. We all often have our moments, Niall is always with me when I have one. He's so sweet to me! I always feel much better when I see him. I accidentally went online on Instagram to look at some pictures of my friends. I noticed I had a lot of comments on my pics. I scrolled through them. A lot of them were hate. 

"You're so fat and ugly. You don't deserve to be with Niall."

"I hate you bitch."

"You stole my Niall you worthless motherfucker!"

"Die in hell! Could somebody please get an axe and decapitate her!" 

I felt shivers running through my spine. Why do they send stuff like this to me? What did I do to deserve this? I scroll further I see some messages from my old classmates and some other people who were standing up for me. 

"If you knew Laura in person you all wouldn't be so fucking rude. Stop this nonsense. You have no idea how much your words hurt." 

"Laura don't listen to them you're beautiful." 

But there is just so much hate to me, it changed me. I can't believe all the nice things people say to me anymore. I felt so sad. I began to realise I really was worthless and stupid and fat an ugly. I know what I have to do. I know it is the best thing to do now. I have to. There's no other way. I walked to the bathroom and sat down next to the toilet. I pulled my hair in a messy bun and held my head above the toilet.

"You can do this. You did it before. It worked. It feels nice. Just do it." I whispered to myself while sticking my finger down my throat. It all came out and it felt so good. Like I was freed from the heavy weight on my tummy. I did it again. And again until there was nothing left in my tummy. I walked back to my room and continued reading the hate. God, they made me furious. I decided to answer. 


"Did something about my fat being. Happy?! Other tips?" 


Before sending it I linked all the bitches who said I was fat. I started looking at their accounts. Some of them were amazingly fat, like obese fat, and they're telling me I'm fat?! "Go look in a mirror slut." I said at loud. Oh no! Did I just called somebody a slut. They were right I am a bitch. I'm a mean stupid ugly fat bitch. Why did I even had a thought about somebody else like that in my mind? I'm the slut here. I'm the one making fun of a fat kid. I'm turning into everything I hated before and there is no escape. I don't deserve to have a nice evening, nobody should be with me! I can't do something that awful to them. I hate myself and I'm not the only one. Within a minute I was crying and couldn't stop. Why? Why did I have to be so mean to that fat girl?! She didn't deserved that. My eyes began to get heavy and my bed looked like heaven. I crashed out on my bed with tears falling down my eyes. 


Dagmar's POV

"Oh I almost forgot. Could you please stop by at Laura's house, it's just around the corner. I need to talk to her for a minute." I said to Liam. "Yeah sure babe." He winked. We pulled over in front of her house. I got out of the car, waiting for Liam to get out too. He didn't noticed and was ruffling his fingers on the wheel. I laughed "You can come with me and wait downstairs if you want." He got out. "Sorry. Didn't realised." I smiled at him kissing him cheek. 

Nobody opened when I rang the bell. "Strange. Laura just said an hour ago that she was going to stay home all night." I panicked. "What if something has happened to her, the president did threaten to kill her." Liam cupped my face and kissed my forehead. "Stop worrying this much love." "No! Liam we have to call the cops." He looked at me and said with a soft gentle voice. "Calm down babe, the president is behind bars remember." I nodded. "Sorry there's probably nothing going on." I grabbed the key to her house from under the doormat and opened the door.

"Laura?" I called "Laura? Are you here?" I called again. Making my way to her bedroom, I saw here lying on her bed. Liam was looking for her downstairs so I told him I found her. "Liam she's upstairs. Please wait downstairs love. Laura's asleep and I think she wouldn't like it if you'd come in." I walked over to Laura. I noticed her eyes were open, filled with tears, looking at the ceiling. She had a red tear stained face.

"Oh no babe. What happened? Talk to me." Laura shook her head. "Please" I tried again. "You shouldn't be here Dagmar. I don't deserve to have friends. Go away." She said with a steady voice. "What are you talking about?" I asked her. As response she turned around and buried her face in her sheets. I looked around the room. Did she read another one of the president's letters? I couldn't spot any of them  but I did saw that Laura's iPhone was unlocked. I grabbed it to see what she was looking at.

It was an Instagram hate account dedicated to her. It almost had 3000 followers. How could they do that to her? And why was she looking at this. I looked at a view pictures, they were making fun of her. I looked at the comments. This is way to rude! They can't do this to her. Is this the reason she thinks she doesn't deserves friends?

"Laura you shouldn't be looking at this kind of photo's and comments." I sighed petting her back. "Yes I should. Cause they are telling the truth." She cried in her pillow. "I am fat and ugly and worthless and all the other thing they say." She lifted her head looking at me with her tear-stained  face. O man it kills me to watch Laura cry. I instantly grew tears in my eyes too, but I quickly blinked them away, though one tear escaped.

Laura sighed letting her face fall back in the sheets. "You see?! I'm an attention slut." "No you're not. Come with me. Lets fresh you up." I pulled her up. When I let her go she fell back on the bed. "No" she refused. I sighed and went to get a wet towel. When I opened the bathroom door there was a towel on the floor. Weird! This house is always super neat and tidy. I grabbed it. Wow the smell! It made me nausea. My eyes went through the bathroom, resting on the toilet. No she didn't. I peeked into the toilet and saw she did. Why? She's so thin already.

I immediately ran down to Liam. "Call Niall! NOW!" I ran back upstairs Liam right behind me. "What's wrong?" He asked worried. "Laura's taking the hate too serious. She is crying, looking at hate accounts dedicated and she made herself throw up again. Just like before. Call Niall please." Liam's face was filled with disgust. "What did they say to her." "Every bad word you can imagine." I sighed in sorrow. 

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