So close, but yet so far

Who is he? The boy sitting, on the top of the not that high hill. Harry, well Harry was a special kid.

Or one where Harry falls in love with the small feather haired ghost, who aint that much of a ghost in the last end.


1. Part one

A/N: I apologise for mistakes once again, English is not my first language.

Who is he? The boy sitting on the top, of the not that high hill. But he looked small, so maybe the hill was higher than most people noticed. Otherwise he was just, well small in generally. He would come there every day after noon, with his stupid drawing pad and pencils. Sometimes he would forget one of his beloved pencils, and it didn't seem to be there the next day either. Because someone, someone was taking them. 

He would just sit up there, and look out over the field, with the horses walking around, eating the green fresh grass. The forest was a little longer down, and not to forget the little wooden build house, in the foot of where the forest starts. It was not like anyone lived down there, well not what people knew of. Because some people, liked to hide and a few did a fairly good job out of that.

This boy was in no way beautiful, well maybe he was. No he wasn't beautiful, with the chocolate brown hair of his, which would always get messed up, when the wind was blowing a cold breeze, in the unbelievable hot summer weather. No he definitely wasn’t beautiful, with the blue eyes of his, which would shine when one of the horse, would come close enough for him to touch it. And everyone definitely hated the way his hand brushed slowly over the paper, with a pencil in his hand. He would draw the most beautiful pictures, or well no one knew, because he never showed them to anyone. He liked to keep, his drawing talent silent to the outer world.

But he was beautiful, no matter what you told yourself you would definitely find this boy...beautiful.

But there was as well something weird about this person; he could see things which, no human being would be able to see. Or maybe it was something else? Maybe the fact that this boy well, this boy wasn't supposedly visible, to the outer world. And when the supposedly word came into that sentence, is mainly because he thinks he doesn't get seen. But in the fact a person, who is hiding. Is watching him not creepily, but definitely loving.

The weird part about this boy, this little weird boy no one knew anymore, no one would care about. Apart from his loved ones, who would hold his hand and pray a prayer for him. But a prayer, for what? Maybe it had something to do, with him suddenly appearing everywhere. He rarely walked; he would just appear all of sudden. Superpowers? Yes well you might think that, but you'll have to continue reading this, to be able to find out.

Harry, well Harry was a special kid. Only a few friends, or more correctly only a single one. Who in the fact also found him, pretty strange, but stick around for harrys own good. He liked to hide, that was the only thing he did really, hide. He didn't like, to interacting with people. It wasn't because he was shy, or afraid. He just didn't like it. It's strange because Harry was a fairly friendly person, and he looked friendly, as side for his beauty(more handsomeness but well). 

The little house in the foot of the forest, was owned by Harry's uncle, but it's not like he remembered he owned that little piece land. Harry was aware of course, it was his new home. His own, his little secret home.

It was about seven months ago, when he first saw something move on top of the hill. He never really paid it a second thought. Really he just thought it had been the owner, of the horses, because why would strangers go in on a field filled with horses? About a month later, on a day home after he had gone to the mall, he saw the boy for the first time. He must admit he was taken by aback, the boy, well he thought the boy was beautiful in any possible way. Harry was in fact openly gay, but, well no one knew him so no one knew he was gay. He had noticed something weird about this boy, something he couldn’t put a finger on.

His parents? Well that's another story, a sad one.

Since that day sitting in his window(hidden of course) watching the boy had become a habit. But what he didn't dare to do, was to near him. Because Harry felt like there was something strange about this boy. He did the same every day, nothing really changed about his actions. He rarely did other than he drawing. Harry at first would had thought, well maybe this boy was doing school work. But when it continued for a month, it sort of came to him that he wasn't doing school work. 

The other strange thing Harry didn't seem to understand, was the fact that with a single blink the boy would disappear. 

He had been watching this boy secretly. Well that was until four long months later. Harry was in his usual spot, watching the boy draw. His hair blowing in the cold autumn wind, hitting the pale skin the t shirt sleeves wasn't covering. Despite the fact that it was fairly cold outside, for Harry to put a winter coat on. This boy didn't look the slightest cold, or effected by the blowing wind. Harry jumped slightly out of his seat when eyes were suddenly laid on the spot he sat in, in the window. 

A small grin spread on the boys lips, he had been seen, by this boy who he had been spying on for about good six months now. Harry looked wide eyed out, of the small square window in the house. The boy raised his hand, and, was that a wave, no, wait yes it was. Harry ran a hand through his hair. Fuck. He walked into the house. He had seen him.

Harry felt like the biggest idiot right now, he just, he had seen him. What mustn't he be thinking of Harry now. Now there was in no way possible that he would have a chance, with this beautiful and breathtaking stranger. He looked out of the window briefly, but only to see that he wasn't there anymore. 

"You were looking at me" a light soft voice came from behind.

Harry gasped low and turned around, only to see the feather haired boy, in front of him(gosh he was more beautiful close up), but how has entered the house without Harry hearing, and wasn't the door locked. It was always locked. 

"How did you get in here?" Harry's deep slow voice spoke low, his eyes was slightly wide by the boy's entering.

The boy pulled on his tiny shoulder, he was small compared to Harry. Harry would be about over a half head taller than the boy, but his body structure was different. Round thighs, was shaped perfect under the tight pair of trousers made of a soft black material, making them more fitting on the smaller boys legs. He was curvy, compared to Harry's skinny boney structure.

The boys head tilted to the side. "You can see me?" His eyebrows crinkled together confused.

"Of course I can see you, how did you get in here!" Harry said a little louder, the boy didn't look like he could harm anyone but it didn't help Harry on feeling less scared.

"Okay this is going to sound really weird but I appeared" the boy said slowly, his blue eyes traveled around the house.

Appeared, the boy must be crazy. Harry looked at the strange boy, as closer as he looked something strange came over the boy. Harry couldn't seem to put a finger on what this thing was, but wait. No. Harry took a hurried step back from the boy.

"There is no such thing as appearing there is no such thing!" Harry shook his head his eyes was wide. He watched the boy closely. But then he was gone.

The mop of curls bounced up as his long body jerked backward, into the nearest wall. "What the fuck!" He said, while his green eyes wandered around in the small living room. 

"I told you so" the now similar voice said from his right side. "Don't be scared quite frankly I can't really do anything to you. And I wouldn't want to as well..." Louis shrugged and looked down at his small hands, his fingers was fiddling together nervously.

Harry's eyes was wide opened. What the fuck was going on. Harry's body jerked away from this strange boy. He didn't feel that scared, he was just freaking out at this right moment. "What are you? Like a ghost or something?!" Harry said, panic took over his voice.

"Okay you know that's the most lame thing for a person to like ever ask another person" Louis laughed mockingly. "Yes I'm a ghost. Well I'm not quite a ghost, like I left my body" Louis explained, as he sat down on the ugly flower printed couch, which was placed up against the wall in the back of the small living room. 

Harry's eyebrows raised in confusion. "Left your body?" He said slowly and sat down in the furthest chair from Louis, a black old leather chair. That wasn't as black as it would have been for around 20 years ago; it was more like a faded dark grey.

Louis sighed low and lent back closing his eyes. "You know no one have been able to see me for around eight months now, is it already that long wow" Louis said low, he didn't know if he was feeling happy about this. Because Harry didn't seem like a person, who would be a stable enough person, to help him with his problem.

"How did you leave your body?" Harry repeated himself. He felt this weird unreal feeling toward his boy, a connection. He felt like there was a power pulling on his feet, wanting to drag him closer to the boy in front of him. But there was not even a close change, for harry to want to move closer to this boy, at this right moment. A pair of blue eyes felt on him, making the shivers run down his back, and the goose bumps growing on his white pale skin. Harry swallowed hard, trying to tear his eyes away from his beauty.

"We can say that, I'm in a coma at the London hospital. I have been there for like around a year now. I suddenly appeared on the top of that hill, desperately trying to ask some guy about where I was, in the start I thought he was being rude and ignoring me, but honestly now I know why." Louis said with a small shrug, he was biting his pink bottom lip down slowly and sighed. 

Harry looking closely, at the boy in front of him. He was lost for words, and his mouth was completely dry. But then suddenly, the boy was gone. Harry looked wide eyed and shocked around, to see if he could spot the smaller feather haired boy somewhere. When he happened to be nowhere to be seen, Harry let out the breath he had been holding.


Harrys mind was messed up, did he really just see a ghost. His big hand made the through his soft long curls, it was getting harder and harder to run it through. His hands was shaking, he didn’t know what was happening, he only knew that the boy he had been watching. He happened not to be that real again, and it confused harry.

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