Just Another Ordinary Girl

Vanessa had never loved she had never been loved. She's moved from place to place toon to town all her life. All she has ever known was rejection, from here mother from her father from boys, girls even her own family wont help her with her abusive mother. What happens when she's finally loved and in love. What if she doesnt think she deserves love. Read on to find out.


2. Lost in my thoughts

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I sat there staring outside thinking about my past. Moving so many times that I've lost track . I've never fit I'm always the new girl or the loner I keep to myself mostly probably cause I have a hard time trusting people I didn't used to be like that though. I used to be a fun energetic person but that all changed and it was all because of my mom. I till remember how it all started that very first time. The day I lost test in the one person that is supposed to be there for you and after that I started to lose trust in others. I don't know what hurt more the bruises or the fact my dad never stops her he just looks away and pretends it isn't happening. I start thinking about that very first time.


I sit there staring at my mom. Mommy whats wrong you look mad I say worry only little seven year old face. Nothing honey please be quite she tells me. But I don't listen. Mom I know somethings wrong. Ill cheer you up. I start singing you are my sunshine poking my mom and laughing. She starts screaming for me to stop that shes not in the mood but I'm so young and I think shes just playing around. I start to sing louder and I get even louder every time I start the song all over. That's when it all starts. It happened so quickly and she has me against the wall chocking me. I said you be quite you little bitch she screeches at me. Slapping me repeatedly. She throws me to the ground crying silently. I should have had an abortion with you messed up my whole life you're the biggest mistake I ever made she tells me. Then she walks off to her room. I'm brought out of my thoughts as I see the bus come into view I wipe a stray tear knowing that I need to be strong.

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