A Love Started With Hate

What started with pure hatred and annoyance for the new guy, "red",as they call him, turns into something more.... But with that one day Crysvic seems to not want to show her true feelings. Will she be able to tell him before it's too late? or will he be swept away by someone else? Does he even feel the same way? will he?


6. Some advice from mom?? or Is she just out of her mind??

Now that she had accepted the fact that she liked him, she'd started feeling awkward and Timid around him.  'How'd it get to this?' She thought to herself, feeling deflated.  She'd been trying to avoid him for the past few days.  She didn't want to speak to him, worrying that he might catch that she had a little crush on him.  So that's why she had ended up under the stairway , trying to catch her breath, and to sow down her rapid beating heart.

"There you are" A voice spoke from above.  Crysvic lifted her head to see the last guy she wished to see at the moment.  He knelled down to her level, as so he can be face-to-face with her.  Crysvic blushed once their eyes made contact.

"What do you want?!" She angrily yelled, or atleast she hoped it came out as her being angered.  She frowned, or atleast tried to, to try to make it seem like she was angry when in reality she really wasn't.  She was just growing more nervous the longer he kept looking into her eyes.

"I want to know why you're ignoring me" he stated, no emotion able to be detected in his tone, or facial expression.  his eyes told a different story though.  Crysvic could clearly see the worry in the red eyes that were looking straight into hers.  At the moment, she was starting to feel strange.  She couldn't describe the emotion she was feeling.  She wanted so badly to tell him that she liked him, to get it out.  She really did.  But she couldn't.  She had barely come to terms with her feelings. She didn't want to face the feeling of rejection if he were to not to return the feelings.  And so she knew that she was going to regret the next words that will come out of her mouth.

"Why wouldn't I?  I just don't like you is all" Yep, she regretted it. But it had to be done.  She saw hurt flash through his eyes, and she felt guilty fr causing it, but what had to be done, had to be done.

"I see.... well.... I'll see you in class then......." He stated, the hurt in his eyes hardly noticeable, But she noticed it.

"If that's it, then you can go now......" Crysvic tried her best to sound annoyed  He just remained silent as he stood back up straight.  With one last glance at Crysvic, he left.  She hung her head, and brought her knees up to her chest.  She felt horrible.  She felt the tears building up in her eyes.  She wanted to cry.  But she didn't.  No matter how much she wanted to, she couldn't.  She took a few deep breaths, and once she was sure she wasn't going to cry, She got up and headed toward the bathroom.  Upon entering, she made sure no one was inside before locking the door.  Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Crysvic broke down.  'Is this worth the pain?' she mentally thought to herself.  She cried for the next hour or so.  She just felt so bad.  She didn't want to hurt him.... but what other choice was there?

Having enough, Crysvic splashed water on her face, hoping that the tear stains disappear.  With one last glance at her reflection, she went to go unlock the door before exiting the bathroom.  No one was in the hallways.  She was thankful for that.  Looking at her watch, she saw that she had twenty minutes of school left.  So there was no point in going to class, so he decided to just head toward the exit of the school, and go home.

She had to walk home.  The next bus wasn't until 2:50, and she wasn't going to wait that long. And she definitely didn't want to see him.  It took her some time, considering that she didn't live near the school.  Arriving she saw that her mom was home.  'Oh great.....' She thought.  Her mom was going to start to question her for being home earlier than she should.  And she didn't feel like dealing with it at the moment.  She tried closing the door as quietly as she possibly could, but it was no use.  Her mom could hear EVERYTHING!

"Crysvic? Is that you?" She called out.

"Yes mom, It's me!" she responded loud enough for her mother to hear, as she walked out of the kitchen.

"Why are you home so early? School barely got out like five minutes ago.." And there it was.  The questioning that Crysvic didn't want to deal with.

"No reason.." Crysvic just brushed her mother off as she made her way to her bedroom.

"Crysvic......" her mother spoke in that "all knowing" tone of hers.

"I don't want to talk about it.." Crysvic replied, a little too demanding.

"Crysvic....." her mother spoke again.

"I don't want to talk about it I said!" Crysvic yelled before slamming her door and locking it behind her.  The tears were back.  Flooding her eyes, and ready to escape.  'Is this all Imma do today? cry?' she thought angrily to herself.  Her mother just came knocking once she had thrown herself onto her bed, the tears managing to escape down her cheeks.  "Leave me alone! I said I don't want to talk about it!"  Crysvic yelled, making it audible that she was crying.

"Crysvic... honey.... Just open the door please..." Her mother desperately asked.  Crysvic just gave up.  Her mother was just going to be bothering her.  Walking to the door, she unlocked it, before opening it to her worried looking mother.  Upon laying her eyes on her daughter, Crysvic's mom walked in, closed and locked the door behind her, before embracing her in a hug.  "Now.... won't you tell me what's the matter?"  She stated gently, sitting in bed with her daughter.

"I'm scared....." Crysvic spoke softly.

"Of?" Her mother gently urged her to continue.

"Him..." She shortly replied.

"Who's him?"

"Red..... a new guy at school...."  Crysvic explained, already tearing up.

"Did this 'Red' do something to you?" She asked, running her hands through Crysvic's hair.  Crysvic just responded with a nod 'yes'.  Did he hurt you? Touch you?" Her mother questioned, holding her at arms length examining for any bruises or marks of any sort.

"Not necessarily......" Crysvic mumbled out.

"Then what did he do?" Her mother asked confused.

"He's making me feel things...... for him......" Crysvic explained.  Her mother just burst out laughing.  'DajaVu?(a/n: idk if that's how you spell it....) Crysvic thought annoyingly.

"Sorry....Sorry.... but what's so bad about that?  You should be happy..... wait does he not feel the same way?"  Her mother apologized.

"I don't know...... and I don't know what to feel anymore!  I like him, I know that..... I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about him.... it's just.... I used to despise him...." Crysvic started.

"If you used to hate him..... Why don't you tell him how you feel now?"

"I'm scared....." She stated getting teary eyed.  "I'm scared that he'll turn out like 'him' and I don't know if I could go through that again...." She finished, a few tears escaping.

"Oh sweetheart....... You're just going to have to risk it... You won't know unless you try.....That's the thing about love, it hurts.... but it can also be the source of joy and happiness.... so don't let 'him' keep you down, just go for it, you won't know until you try" Crysvic's mother embraced her as she spoke her "words of wisdom".

"But I'm not ready.... and then the worst part! I told him that I hated him!"  Crysvic stated, crying by the end.

"Shhh.... Shhh.... just tell him how you really feel, everything will get fixed, I promise" She stated, trying to calm her crying daughter.

"But I'm not ready....." Crysvic whispered, after she had calmed down.

"Well then take your time but...." She started as she got up, off the bed and making her way towards the door.  "Just keep in mind that life waits for no one, so hurry before it's too late......." She finished, leaving shortly after.  'The fuck was that?  Must be another of her Oprah Winfrey moments..... she should really stop watching that show..."  She thought to herself.  She laid down for a nap, mother's words ringing in her head.




So??? You guys like??? Is it horrible?? good??? ok??? I want to know, so can you guys like comment and tell me what you guys think?? I see all you ghost readers...... can you guys make yourselves know porfavor c: I would highly appreciate it........ I don't bite... I swear.... so can you?? Like the story too?? maybe?? and a favorite?? I want to see you guys xc

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