Crumbling down.

19 year old Violet is so excited for her first trip to somewhere outside of North America ,especially out of this small town in Texas,and especially since she's going to uncle's cabin in Oxford,England,exactly one hour from her dream city..London.

But what happens when she runs into three band member from One direction,and they fall in love with her?Will she be able to manage the situation without hurting them?Or will she have to break all of their hearts,one by one.And what if that breaks up the most famous boyband in the world?


2. Let's Party.

Violet let out a sigh as she looked at the Bentley in front of her and let the thought of them being famous come to her brain."So,who's car is this?"Violet said letting go of Harry's arm.Zayn raised his hand,"It's all mine." Violet creased her eyebrows,"Thought you couldn't drive?" He pulled the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the car,"Just because I don't have a license doesn't mean I can't drive,sweetheart." Violet shrugged as she got in the back with Niall.He pulled a cherry sucker out of his pocket."Why did you keep that in your pocket?"Violet pointed to the sucker.He stuck it in the right side of his mouth and said,"Calms me down a bit." Violet smiled,that was kind of cute to her,he had a secret that not even his fans knew about.

"We're at Josh's party!" Zayn turned off the engine and pulled the key out of the hole.Violet raised her eyebrows,"As in Josh devine?" Niall smiled and pulled the sucker out of his mouth,"No Josh as in drake and josh,of course as in Josh Devine,he'll be excited to meet you." Violet sat there for a while,speechless,until Harry opened her door,she was still speechless.Harry held his hand out,"Come on!" She grabbed it and was pulled up by Harry.She saw his muscles bulging a little under his white shirt.

As she looked a the house she saw strobe lights flashing and music blaring and the first thing that ran through her mind was 'He knows how to party,guess thats good.' She had been to parties before but they were hangout parties or make out parties that she had no idea about,but never a party party.Harry half pulled her and half dragged her to the entrance door which was open.

The familiar smells of alcohol and strong perfume and cologne mixed and smelt disgusting,but everyone was too busy dancing or grinding to chill out a sec and smell the environment.Violet sat down on the nearest seat and pulled out her phone.Most of them were from her uncle which was very unusual.She read the first message which read 'I swear if you total my corvette,i'm going to kill you in your sleep.' Yeah he wasn't mad at all..

She looked up from her phone to see a drunk Josh Devine eyeing her up and down."Hi Josh." She tried to sound as calm as possible.He widened his eyes and then focused on her face,"Sorry,um,what did you say?" She raise her eyebrows at him and told him again,"Hi Josh."He lent out his hand and as soon as she grabbed it he said,"Um,what's your name?" She smiled,"Violet."He shook her hand violently."Nice to meet you, Violet."

Just then Harry walked up behind him,holding two drinks."Here you go,Violet." She took a big drink of it and already felt dizzy."What's this?" He looked into his cup,then back to her,"Cranberry Vodka."She sighed,when it came to Vodka,she would black out completely."Great." She gulped it down,not because it could get her drunk,but because it would lighten her up."Rea-" Harry was interrupted by Josh with a megaphone.The megaphone screamed,"Listen here,partiers,we have to decided to play 7 minutes in heaven,who wishes to volunteer as the girl?" Violet's hand shot up so fast that it hurt a little.Her head screamed NO but her body seemed to scream back YEAH LETS DO THIS.Josh looked around until he looked at Violet and smiled,"Ok girls I think we have our volunteer,Miss Violet,over there,come stand up front." Harry looked awfully confused,like he'd just seen a superhero or something,so she ran up to where Josh was and stood there.He raised up the megaphone to his mouth,"Now how 'bout the boy volunteers?" Almost all the boys raised their hands at the same time,she felt a little flattered.Josh scanned the crowd with his eyes,then finally said,"Ok,let's have Mr.Styles,Horan,and Malik come up front." Her eyes widened as she realized she was about to possibly do 7 minutes in heaven with 3/5 one direction."And we need a few more so it will be more of a mystery."He picked four more random boys,the faces were all unfamiliar."Alright now follow me you seven,the other people,just,dance." He dropped the megaphone and walked down the stairs to his basement where one door was wide open.He stopped suddenly and pulled a blue scarf out of his pocket,and handed it to Violet,which then she tied around her eyes."Now go into the room where the door is open." She located the room and sat down in the middle,it was a decent amount of space.

She heard someone shut the door and then heard someone saying 'Eenie Meenie Miny Mo' and then the door opened and someone's lips crashed with hers,leaving the breath out of her,but it didn't matter whoever it was,they were an extremely good kisser,and smelled of leather.

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