Crumbling down.

19 year old Violet is so excited for her first trip to somewhere outside of North America ,especially out of this small town in Texas,and especially since she's going to uncle's cabin in Oxford,England,exactly one hour from her dream city..London.

But what happens when she runs into three band member from One direction,and they fall in love with her?Will she be able to manage the situation without hurting them?Or will she have to break all of their hearts,one by one.And what if that breaks up the most famous boyband in the world?


1. Invite.

"Vi!" Sarah screamed over the phone.I flinched slightly,"Nice to see talk to you too,Sarah." I put the phone up back to my ear,still fearing another high pitched scream."How's Oxford?"Sarah said with her tone dialed down a few notches.Violet had been at her uncle's cabin for two days now,and hadn't even got out of the two story structure."Oh,it's very beautiful."Violet said profoundly.Sarah always hated when she didn't get out of her house,which was almost everyday except weekends,today was thursday,tomorrow she was planning on going to London and spending the night there."I bet you haven't even got out of the house once."Sarah always knew when she stayed home for the day,Violet never knew how,she used every sentence trying to convince her she had gotten out but she always knew she didn't.Maybe it was because they were friends since 3rd grade but you never know."I'm sorry?"Violet straightened out her bedspread and sat down on the baby blue bed."It's fine,just promise me you'll get out of bed tomorrow."Sarah always said that when she confessed."Actually I'm going to London tomorrow,and staying the night."Violet held her phone in her lap and pressed speakerphone."If you run into one direction tell them I love them,oh,and don't fall in love with anyone!"Sarah screamed.Violet smiled,"I'll make sure of it!" Then Violet hung up and went to bed,for all she knew,she was going to London just for the weekend.But that's too normal for London...


Violet heard the shrieking alarm clock noise in her ear and sighed.She rolled over and fell on the floor with a thud,her little dresser was 5 inches off than normal,she had to fix that,maybe when she got back.

"You okay,Vi?" Her uncle said from outside her door,obviously concerned.

"Just fine,Tom." She said sitting up.Then heard his footsteps walking away.

She looked at herself in her mirror,her makeshift bun was falling,and her football shirt and hollister shorts just weren't going to cut it.

As she walked into the bathroom she whispered to herself,"London,here I come."

+an hour and a half later  +

Violet was satisfied with herself.She wore a graphic tank top with Hollister jean shorts and pink Vans.

As she raced down the stairs she grabbed her uncle's corvette keys,he had like 3 cars,sure he wouldn't mind.

She jumped in the blue car and started the engine,and turned on her music from her ipod,and sped off.


She was in London in about forty-five minutes,and the first thing she needed was Starbucks,urgently.Even though she woke up at noon,driving always made her tired for some reason.

As she pulled up to the nearest Starbucks,she noticed a boy in a beanie sitting by himself,she had never been shy,and he looked nice,why not make some friends while she was out.

She walked in the doors and went to the counter,and ordered her mocha frappe,but when she turned around there were two more boys with the one boy,she was never good with crowds.So she just sat down at an empty table and started looking through her twitter.

She was just about to leave when a boy with curly hair and green eyes walked up to her table and tapped on her shoulder.She looked up at his green eyes and fell immediately enchanted."Hi,my name's Harry,you are?" She took his hand and said,"Violet,nice to meet you."He nodded."You're not from here,are you?"She looked up at him and smiled."How'd you know?" He chuckled."Your accent,babe,its not hard to tell you're not from the UK." She laughed and said in a thick british accent,"Well should I talk like this?" He laughed and sat in the chair across from her."No,I like your accent,it abnormal,you don't see someone from the U.S in Starbucks every day."He stiffened up but still managed to smirk."Umm..the real reason I came over here is because I wanted to see if you would like to go to a party at my house tonight." Violet gave a warm smile,"Sure,what time and place?"He got up and stood in front of her."Me and some of my friends will pick you up at 9 pm,where do you live?" Violet looked up at him,"For now the Embassy hotel,room 319."He smiled,"See you at 8." Violet looked at her red fingernails,"See you at eight,Harry Styles." He looked back at her,obviously confused why she wasn't tackling him.But she felt so calm it really didn't matter if he was in a famous boy band,he obviously liked her and she wouldn't let that go to waste.She looked at the two boys sitting with Harry,immediately Niall looked at Harry devilishly,and Zayn gave her a full smile.Looks like someone else liked her too..

+Harry's POV+

Violet was beautiful,funny,and she didn't even scream when she realized he was in One Direction.Which was everything he hoped for in a girl.When she looked at Niall and Zayn,he knew they had the same idea.He waved at her when she left moments later,then he faced Niall and Zayn with a serious look,"I want her,so until she says no to me,you guys can't have her." Niall looked at him,"Why not?" Then Zayn turned towards Harry also,"Yeah,Styles,why can't we have her a little too?" Harry let his head go limp."I guess you can become friends with her but,just don't kiss her."He felt like she was the one,or somewhat close to the one."Ok."Zayn and Niall said seconds apart.


Harry pushed Niall at the door,"Just knock, Niall!"Niall looked at him like he was mad."You're the one who asked her you do it."Harry looked at his converses and blushed."I'm afraid." Niall smiled,then turned back to the door."Pizza delivery!"Niall said and knocked on the door.Violet opened it in a short purple dress and white high heels."Well hello beautiful."Zayn said looking her up and down while Niall whistled.Harry gave them both death stares."Hi,Violet." He said lending out his arm,which she took.


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