Complecated love

Alyssa is just your average girl with a secret. She secretly loves her bully Harry styles but will that change when she gets into a relationship with Louis tomlinson or will the feeling for harry remain. Also what will Harry do when he finds out about Alyssa's feellings for him will he like her back hurt her or both? Read to find out


1. The note



Alyssa's POV 


I was curling my hair and putting on my makeup before heading to the bus stop for another painful school day faceing the biggest challenge, Harry. The worst part being that I liked him I mean I don't want to like him I mean he was my bully but every time I look into those big beautiful green eyes I fall for him. And when he hurts me I get turned on, what the fuck is wrong with me.  I said goodbye to my mum and headed out the door with my ver bradly backpack that my mum bought me for christmas I got to the bus stop and got on to the bus. I had no where to sit until I spotted a bus seat next to Harry.  Of course. 


Harry's POV 


I saw fear in Alyssa's eyes as she sat down with her beautiful blue green eyes her long wavy brown hair and her thick British accent but I really did not know if I liked her I mean it was fun seeing her in pain it was almost cute. " hey"  she said with a smile showing of her deep dimples. "hello slut I said laughing to my self and out of the corner of my eye I saw louis give me the death glare  I didn't understand him he said he didn't like  Alyssa  wtf was wrong with him? I looked  in my bag for a price of paper and quickly started write ing then as Alyssa got up to get of the bus I slipped the note into her pocket and started to laugh she had no idea what was going to happen to her in the course of about.. Let's see about the rest of her life. 


Alyssas POV 



I felt Harry slip me a note. But I didn't want to open it so I didn't.  I would after class so if was something bad I would be able to consontrate on my work so I sat down into my assigned seat which was next to a girl named Abby and on the other side my best friend, Niall. When the teacher started talking I kept seeing Harry signaling me to open the note so I wrote him a not saying I would after class. So as the teacher was talking me and Niall kept exchangeing funny note and laughing together. I was so going to get a F. 


                                 ****After class****


As the bell rang I bolted to my locker so I could open the note before music class. I opened the note slowly and it read........


"your mine"

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