Christina, Sattler gets kidnapped the day her brother left. One lucky day the guy that kidnapped her take her to the mall for her 18th birthday. When she goes she gets a very big surprise. After a few months will she fall in love with one of the boy, or will she be kidnapped again? Read to find out!


10. This Isn't Happening!

   Niall's P.O.V

 I can't believe I just said that to her! I am such an idiot! I didn't mean it what I said! I already knew so I don't understand why I am so shocked. I mean I saw how she looked at him. How she always laughed or blushed around him. It was so obvious. And how the hell did he find out. I thought all of this while she got off the bed. I watched her walk to the door. I didn't suspect anything less than her leave the room. " Niall I'm sorry I have to go! I can't stay any longer! I'm so so sorry! I love you so much!" No, No! she can't leave I just got her back a couple of months ago. "It has been great seeing you again! Tell Liam that he was my best friend and I love him. I just wished we could have been more. Tell everyone I'm so sorry and that I love them! I'm so sorry Niall! Goodbye!" With that she ran out before I could beg her to stay. She is gone! I just got her back and I loose her again! I tried to get up but the doctor came in and started talking to me. So I couldn't leave now.

    Louis' P.O.V

 We just walked out of Liam's room to go back to Niall's room and tell him that we were going to eat and ask Christina if she wanted anything. We saw Christina running down the corridor toward us. She looked up at ran straight past us. My first instinct was to run after her. I guess Harry and Zayn had the same idea.


   Harry's P.O.V

 I start running after her. She was very fast but I saw she turned and went straight outside. I caught up to her. I grabbed her and she screamed. I turned her around and she had multiple looks cross her face. Horror, shocked, pain, and relief. " Christina what happened? Tell me!" I asked her. Before she could answer I turned around and told the boys to stop. They were about 15-20 feet away from us. They stopped and knew what I was about to do. I turned around to face her and she was sobbing. I pulled her into a hug and dropped to the ground like she did earlier to me. I pulled her into my lap and just let her cry into my shoulder. I rubbed circles on her back trying to calm her down. After a while she calmed down to a silent cry. She looked up at me and told me what happened. " He called and said something that I thought no one knew! He told that I like Liam! More than friends. Niall asked me 'How could I?' That he didn't believe that I liked his mate. I told my goodbyes and to tell Liam that I love him more than a friend. And to tell you guys that I loved you guys. That hurt when he said that to me. Though no one knew I liked him. I haven't told anyone and yet that guy knew. How though? How did he know I loved Liam?" She looked up at my eyes. She looked like she was searching for something. I knew she liked Liam we all do even Liam. He was coming home and was going to ask her out after he asked permission from Niall. We had a plan. Me, Zayn, Louis, Perri, and Liam planned how he could ask her. Liam really likes her also. "  Wait you can't leave. You cant! Hey and we all knew you liked him. Niall did too. We all talked about it last night when you went to bed. We love you too much and who is this guy that called?" I asked. " The guy that kidnapped me! He has called before a couple of days after I found you guys and a few days and tonight. He is the reason that Niall has a broken leg and Liam is in a coma are you happy! I told you! It's all my fault that they are here! It's all my fault!" She told me that and I was so confused. Why would she think that? " Hey no matter what anyone says this is not your fault! This is that guys fault! Got it! Do you understand me? This is not your fault and I don't ever want you to say that again!" I told her. She  looked at me and gave me a small smile. " Thank you Harry. You amazing you know that? I love you! As a brother though." She gave a little laugh at the end. " I wouldn't expect anything more. I love you too! As a sister of corse!" I laughed a little at the end too! I lifted her on her feet and held out my hand. " May I?" " You may!" She giggled and set her hand in mine. I turned around and we walked back to Niall's room. When we entered the boys were in there. 

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