Christina, Sattler gets kidnapped the day her brother left. One lucky day the guy that kidnapped her take her to the mall for her 18th birthday. When she goes she gets a very big surprise. After a few months will she fall in love with one of the boy, or will she be kidnapped again? Read to find out!


4. The bus!

     Once we were all inside the bus. Liam lied me down on the couch. I started to silently cry. Niall sat down and put my head in his lap and kissed my forehead. While Liam was getting some ice for me. The boys and Perri left the bus. They knew this is a private moment and Liam told them to leave also. He came back over to the couch With an ice pack. " May I?" He said looking at my stomach and then back at me for approval. I nodded my head and covered my face with my hands. He lifted my shirt up and I heard more gasps than two. I lifted my head to see the boys and Perri with us. Just staring at my stomach. They saw them all. All the cuts, bruises and scars. It was horrifying to look at their faces. I took Nialls phone out of his hands and typed." There is more! Should I show them? You can look away I don't want you to see but its ok if you do." I gave his phone  back and watched him read what I said. When he was done. He looked back at me and nodded. I then got up and walk to Perri. She understood that I needed physical and emotional help. she grabbed my hand and took me to the bathroom. She sat me down and left. She came back minutes later with a bikini. She helped me put it on. 10 minutes later we walked out of the bathroom  with me having a towel around me. She took my hand and nodded. I dropped the towel on the floor beside me.  They all looked away except Niall. He ran out of the bus. I turned to Liam with a pleading face. He than ran after Niall. All the other boys walked around me to get a better look.  


      Nialls P.O.V

   When I saw her it killed me I couldn't handle it. While I ran I felt someone tackle me. Good thing we were on grass. I got up and saw it was Liam. " Niall you have to get back in there. She cant do this without you and you know it!" " Why should I? Its my fault she is like this! It's my fault she looks like that! How can I help her now?" He started yelling at me. " HOW CAN YOU HELP HER! REALLY HOW CAN YOU HELP HER! HERE IS HOW BE THERE FOR HER BECAUSE YOUR HER BROTHER. THATS  HOW AND WHY! NOW DAMN IT GET YOUR ARSE BACK IN THERE AND TALK TO HER! YOU THINK THIS SUCKS FOR YOU! WELL THINK AGAIN BECAUSE SHE IS THE ONE WHO HAS TO DEAL WITH THE  PHYSICAL, MENTAL, AND EMOTIONAL PAIN! NOT YOU! NOW YOU CAN STAY AND SULK IN YOUR MISERY OR YOU CAN GET BACK IN THERE AND BE HERE BROTHER!" I just started to cry because he was right. I turned and ran back to the bus. Then I stopped and so did Liam." What's wrong n-" I cut him off with a breathtaking hug. He hugged me back. I let go and ran in the bus. She was standing right there. I engulfed her in a hug and let her cry in my shoulder. Everyone got the hint that they needed to leave and they did. I picked her up and took her to the bathroom and left her to get changed. She came out in my clothes but I didn't care. I asked her if she was tired. Chris nodded her head. I picked her up and took her to my bunk and I got in with her I let her curl up while I hugged her close to me she was still crying but she stopped after a while and went to sleep. I took this as my chance and texted the boys to come back in but be very quiet while we slept.

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