Skinny Love

Little Miss Malik... Yes that's me... Hanging out with my dads best friends sons... Trying to fit in with them... Trying to fit in. Fall in love. But being pushed away or not trusted?!?! But everything has been happening so fast... And maybe too fast... But maybe at the perfect time...


5. What Was That? Jealousy?!?!

Salvatore's POV:
    God she just gets me so angry sometimes. She has no right to control my life. If I want to kiss someone than I will... I need to calm down. I took a sip if my water which was like pee warm so I spit it out onto the sand and it hardened. 

   I just need to forget about stuff for right now. I laid on my towel which was on the floor and just thought. I thought of how big of a jerk I am and that I'm stupid and wrong for doing that to her. 

  But the way she looked at me looked like she wasnt ever going to forgive me. But I don't like her. But I really do like her deep down. I just don't tell anyone. I closed my eyes and moved my curls out of my eyes.

I don't want to be like me dad. I really don't. I mean I look up to I'm but my dad was the biggest player. Everyday was a different girl. Now he is settled down with my mom. He is older now so he doesn't get all the ladies anymore.

     I was suddenly awoken from my dream by a tap in the shoulder. I was startled and I jumped. "AMBER?" I said looking around. "No it's me Johnny." I looked away and my face sunk again. "Oh is just you..." "Oh thanks buddy..." He said punching my shoulder as I dug my face into my towel.


    "What's wrong?" He asked concerned. "Nothing." I said blankly. "Dude don't lie to me tell me the truth." He said encouraging me to tell him everything. "I'm not hiding anything." I said lying. "I've known you since you were born I know when you are upset." He confronted me. "And anyway you can tell me anything we are best buds." I finally agreed to tell him and I dragged my head up. 

    "It's Amber." I said. "What happened?"  He had the caring tone in his voice.  "We'll a few weeks ago me and Nicole were hanging out and we started kissing and we hooked up." I said a little upset with my actions. "So why is Amber mad?" He asked. "Well Nicole told Amber about it and she got all upset and mad at me and she is ignoring me and was screaming at me." I said looking down. I then fixed my curls and looked into the water. "But I still don't know why she is mad... You two aren't a couple?" Great I knew this is what it would lead up to. 

    "Well... We aren't technically dating... I don't like her..." I said stopping from telling him my secret. I was lying straight threw my teeth. "Oh please you are in love with her you two flirt all the time!!!" I shook my head. "No!" I insisted. I got up off the towel and was about to walk away. Louis came next to me and said "You don't need to lie to me mate... Everyone knows you like her...When are you going to tell her?" I don't want this to happen I really don't want this conversation right now.  "Fine!!!!!" I screamed. Then I calmed myself down took a deep breathe and said "I do like her okay can we drop it?" In a whispering tone.


     "When are you going to ask her our?" No I don't want to. But I really do but I don t want people knowing. "It's too late... She hates me." I shook my head and went to walk to the cooler. I grabbed out a Pepsi and cracked it open. "It's not to late." Louis said coming closer. "Why didn't you ever tell her sooner?" What doesn't he get? I don't want to! "Because I didn't want to." I took a sip of the Pepsi. "You need to tell her soon... Before she moves on." Louis said.


    "I'm just afraid." I said. It came out of no where. "Of what?" Louis said a but peculiar. "Of our friendship falling apart." I finished. "How do you think it's working out now? I think this is the last chance you have." Maybe he is right. I finally gave in. "I'm going to ask her once I find her..." I said getting ready to go look for her. "Good luck." Louis said. I really hopes this works. And I was gone. I ran ingot he board walk and went on a hunt



Ambers POV:

    "Oops. Sorry" I said as I snapped back into reality. "Oh it's okay uhm let me get that for you..." He said as he went to lean down and grab my cell phone. I was daydreaming so much that I didn't realize  I dropped my phone. "Thank you..." I said while he stood up and handed it to me. 


   "Are you okay?" He asked a little concerned. "Yeah I'm uhm fine..." I said. "Are you sure you look upset." He said and his eyes became serious. He moved a but closer. I barely know this boy and I feel like I've known him forever. A little tear trickled out of my eye and I sniffled. I pulled everything in and I was back to normal.

    "I don't believe we properly met?" I said with a little laugh. "I'm Amber..." "Your right... I'm Eric" he said with a little smile. "Would you like to walk with me?" He asked. I thought for a second but then I realized Sal doesn't want me... He never did so I agreed. "Sure I would love to. We were walking on the board walk once I noticed my favorite game. 

   "That's my favorite game!" I said pointing to the big spinning wheel and the candy as prizes. "Let's go then." Eric said pulling me over to it. "Two please." He said. We placed our money on the board. Mine was on 'Sam and Bill' "What's yours on?" I asked. " I'm on 'Ma and Pa. You?" He asked back . "'Sam and Bill'" I said. I was so excited I wanted candy! "Okay everyone place your coins on the places infront of you. The concept of the game is that once you hot the button the spinner will spin. Whatever the point lands on is the winner. Are you ready? Well hit the buttons infront of you to speed it up." I clicked the button and then clicked it again to stop it. I started at the wheel until it got slower and slower. It just passes mine. I looked at the board and it read "Ma and Pa! Is the winner." Man I lost!!! 

   "I won!" Eric said. "OMG yay!" I said. "Pick a prize." He said to me. "No you won!" I said . "Well I'm going to give it to you so pick what you want "I blushed. I couldn't choose. Hmmm. I thought. "Can we speed this up a bit we have people waiting. "Don't talk to her like that!" Eric said and he backed away a bit. Awww he was sticking up for me. "Sorry?" I said with an attitude. That was rude! You don't say that to a customer. "I'll take the bag of ring pops." I said. I looked at Eric and smiled. "Thank you!" I said. 

   Would you like one?" I asked. "Yes please." He said with a smirk. "What flavor?" I asked "Watermelon" I took a watermelon or of the bag and popped the rapper off I took it and put it in Eric's mouth. 

   As we were walking I noticed how Eric kept on trying to grab my hand. He kept on hitting it against mine then looking away. I intertwined my hands in his and he looked away blushing. I smiled. We kept on walking and talking just about anything that popped into mind. 

Salvatore's POV:
 I kept on searching but no luck. Everywhere I went all I saw were coupled holding hands. Then I was walking back and I felt defeat. 

As I was walking I spotted someone familiar in front of me. She was going on about how this boy and how he broke her heart. All I could really hear was the boy saying. "Don't worry he lost a beautiful girl..."  I took a good look at her hair. It was Ambers.... And she was holding hands with another guy... That just felt like a stab in the throat. I quickly ran around them and back to where I was before I went searching for Amber. Back where we were keeping our stuff.

Ambers POV:  

   "If you want ill walk back myself?" I asked. "No it's okay ill walk you back." I smiled. He is such a gentleman. We pulled up to where we were staying and I spotted Sal in the sand on his towel. I said thank you and he went to walk away. 

   "Wait!" I said. And Sal jerked his head back to us. "Can I get your number?" I had no paper so I held out my arm. He took my arm and wrote his number with his pen. "Text me..." He said. I ran over to him as he was walking away and kissed his cheek and like that he was gone. 

I walked back to sal and sat on my mat. Sal was sitting up in confusion. "What did he write on your hand and why did he kiss you?" He asked trying to dig into me. I sat down on the sand and replied. "His number... And you don't like me... So why do you care so much?" Then he was silent. He rolled his eyes, sat down and faced the water. I took my phone out to save him to contacts. 

   Maybe he isn't use to not being in all my attention. Maybe he doesn't like it! Maybe he is just jealous...

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