Skinny Love

Little Miss Malik... Yes that's me... Hanging out with my dads best friends sons... Trying to fit in with them... Trying to fit in. Fall in love. But being pushed away or not trusted?!?! But everything has been happening so fast... And maybe too fast... But maybe at the perfect time...


2. Mr.Styles

The bell rang and I ran down the stairs. I gave my dad a kiss on the cheek and he said to make sure i text him every once in a while.

     I ran to the door and opened it up for Allie. "Hey" I screamed with excitement. "Hey you all ready to go?" she asked. "Never readier" We were walking down a few blocks to the beach. I live pretty close to the beach so I would always go when I was at my dads house. 

    "I can't believe we are all going to the beach together!" I say. "I know right... And maybe styles will try to pull a move on you today?" she had a smirk on her face. i gave her and angry face back. "What? We all know that you like Styles!" She said sounding like she said nothing wrong.

      I hate when people say that. Everyone says that me and Sal would be the perfect couple but I don't see it. Thats why I've known him since I was born. My birthday is February 12 and his is January 1. All of our families are pretty close because our fathers were all in a famous band called 'One Direction'. Sal and I became pretty close. We usually talk more than I talk to the others. And I guess we may flirt a little with each other but what do you expect we are young and stupid. But it will never get anywhere further than that.  He gets his looks from his father though.  He has dark brown hair spiked up but emerald green eyes like his dads. He has a 6 pack and cute dimples each on his cheeks. 

    "No we are not a couple... Nor will we ever be a couple..." People don't need to know my private life. "Sheesh okay I get it you don't like him... Not even a little?" "Just shut up Allie!" She laughs. "How about you and Noah ?" "Yes I do like him... See Amber I'm open about my feelings!" That did make me laugh. "Awww like the notebook 'Noah and Allie'" I say rolling my eyes. "I know!!!" And she squeals. 

   As we walk onto my feet start to burn from the hot sand because I took off my shoes. We spot the boys and we quickly walk over to them and give them a hug. I hugged Johnny first. He has blue eyes and brown hair and a toned body. Then I hugged Noah he has blonde hair with blue eyes. He had long blonde flipping hair. I saw the jealousy on Allies face. I smiled back at her. Then I hugged James and he looks exactly like his father. he has short buzz cut brown hair, brown eyes, and 8 pack. 

      There was a girl standing near him. She gave him a kiss on the cheek I guess trying to say 'he's mine!' I waved to her and she waved back. "I'm Amber nice to meet you" I say trying to make peace with her. "I'm Nicole... Nice to meet you too." She said with a smile on her face.

    Then came Sal. I went over to him and he hugged me. Right before I was about to release the hug he was a bit flirty and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I was shocked. But thats our friendship. 

    After we all say hello we found a spot on the beach. James bought a beach chair and Styles brought an umbrella and I brought a towel. I laid my towel down and took off my shorts and top so that my cute bikini was showing. "Who wants to go in for a swim?" I ask. 

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