Cece is a normal 16 year old girl. She had perfect grades and according to her she had a perfect boyfriend, but her father disapproves of him. Her mum had died when she was 9 in a car crash and was left with her dad, Billy. When summer hit, her father made it clear he didnt want Cece seeing Harry at all. But what happenes when he finds out she snuck away with him one night and is planning to marry him?
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6. Chapter 5


It was the night of the wedding. We'd already said our vows. Harry was having a dance with his mum while Gemma and I chatted. Then he caught my eye; my dad. He was holding a bottle of whisky in his hand as he stumbled through the doors of the house. Everyone was silent.

"You.." He pointed at me with the bottle in his hand. "Its you. Its all you. I thought how the hell am I supposed to raise this stupid kid on my own? This hyperactive little bastard who keeps ruining my life. Its all you.. Its you, Cece. You killed your mother. You hear me? You killed her. And now youre killing me." I had tears in my eyes. I believed him. He scrunched up his face and cocked his hand back, throwing the bottle at me. My head ducked, arms covering it. The bottle made contact with the brick wall.


My torso rose from the mattress, forehead sweaty, breath uneven. Harry was laid on his stomach, his face turned to the side facing the door on his pillow. I brought my knees up to my chest, wrapping my arms around them and burring my face into my lap.

I hadnt felt the bed move when I felt Harrys hand on my back. "Baby, you alright?" I nodded, head staying in my lap. "What is it?" He asked. "Bad dream." I lifted my head. My back made contact with the sheets as I pulled the duvet over my chest. Harry did the same, kissing my head before drifting off in a heavy sleep.



I had a dream that someday, I wish would come true. Ceces dad walked up to me, telling me he was happy his daughter had me in her life. And that he was wrong about me. But with the things going on, I dont think itll ever happen.

Cece shifted in the spot she was laying in. Her head now resting on my chest. I loved that feeling; knowing that shes mine. And I didnt like sharing her, much like her dad. I couldnt get the thought of him out of my mind. It was like he was an annoying song you have stuck in your head for days. A buzzing on the bedside table broke me out of my thoughts. A text from Demi.

From Demi: "Are you ok? Your dad came over and said you went missing! Where are you?"

I didnt want to respond. It was shocking for me to read that. Knowing that her dad was searching for her... that scared me. Not that I was afraid hed try to kill me but afraid hed take her from me. Thats what scared me the most.

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