YouTubers Around the World *ON HOLD*

I think the title says it all.

Felicity's dream is to meet all her favorite YouTubers around the world. After a couple years of saving money she decides to hit it off and take off on a plane around the world. Will Felicity make it around the world? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.

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3. See ya L.A. and hello hospital!

   ~Felicity's Pov~
*Ding* *ding* *ding*
   I quickly get up and look towards my phone. It's 8 o'clock and I need to leave by 9. I make my way to the kitchen and make a quick breakfast and get dressed after. After I dress, I gather all my things together and head down stairs to catch a taxi.

 "TAXI!" I whistle and yell as I walk down the last couple steps outside. 

"Hey, Felicity!" I hear someone say.

 "Gary!" I miss seeing an old family friend. I put my luggage inside the trunk and sit in the front seat. 
 "How you been Felicity?" he says starting to drive off.

 "I've been good and I see you still have your New Yorker voice."

 "Aye, born in New York and I will never let it go." he says laughing, "so how's the family?"

 "I haven't seen them since they moved up to San Francisco like a year ago, but I call them and there doing well."

 "That's great."

 "Oh yeah, I'm going to LAX."

 "I think I know where I'm heading."

 "Oh right you know." I smile at him.

 "So where are you going?"

 "I'm traveling around the world to meet famous people on the Internet." He doesn't know much about YouTube and stuff.

 "Oh that's nice. You meeting Sandra?"

 I roll my eyes, "No I'm not meeting Sandra Bullock." Gary begins to laugh, 

"It was worth a shot."

 I get off the car as Gary helps me with my luggage. "Thanks Gary." I say walking off.

 "Wait kiddo!" he runs behind me, "Here's my card in case you need a ride back home when you get back."

  I smile and head into the building. I go up to a desk and get my ticket. I look down at it and whisper to myself, "Gate 19, closes at 10:45, and seat 27B." I walk over to a bench next to the gate and sit down.

 I pull out my camera, "Hey everyone! I'm here in the airport right now getting ready to fly to Arizona. It's really empty here at the moment, so I guess I'll just stay here probably be talking to you all. How's life been?" I say looking around, "What are you planning on doing this summer or today? People are looking at me weird now that they are coming. Oh well."

 "Gate 19 is opening now. Please head over to the gate now." I hear one of the workers say in the speaker.

 "Well, it's time to start my adventure!" I turn off the camera and walk in the plane.

  After we take off I decide to take out my binder and plan where I'm staying, what plane ticket is cheaper, and where I'm going next.

 "Ma'am, can you please move over one seat because 2 people are changing their seats."

 "Uh... Sure." I scoot over to the window and continue to plan my things. 

"Hi, sorry that we had to move our seats." I look up at them as my jaw drops, 

"No way! Your Rhett and Link!"

 "Hey your a fan!" Rhett says sitting next to me.

 "Heck yeah! Your my first YouTuber I ever watched!"

 "That's cool." Link says popping his head from behind Rhett.
 "So why are you guys going to Arizona?" I say putting my things away.

 "We are actually heading to Florida, but the plane to Florida broke down or something so they brought us on this plane."

 "Oh that sucks."

 "What were you doing there with your binder?" Link scoots on the edge of his chair staring at me.

 "I'm a YouTuber too and I'm traveling around the world to meet other YouTuber's." I say pulling out my binder again and showing them.

 "That's awesome! How long are you going to travel for?" Rhett asks, scanning the map I had.

 "I'm not sure. Maybe for a month and a half. It depends how long I'm staying at certain places."

 "Oh ok." Rhett hands me back my map.
  After a long flight I head out and wait for my luggage.

 "Well, it was nice meeting you Felicity." Rhett and Link say shaking my hand.

 "It was nice meeting you both too and can you be in my video real quick?"


"Hey everyone! I just landed in Arizona and while I was on the plane I met these famous YouTubers!" I turn the camera towards them.

 "I'm Rhett."

 "And I'm Link."

 "Good mythical morning!" they say together.

 "Their channel will be in the description down below. See you guys later!" I turn off the camera and give Rhett and Link a hug.

 I take a cab to a hotel and walk up to the door. "What? It's abandoned?!" I sigh and start walking to a near by gas station. I look up and see a sign that says 'Gas Station 5 miles ahead' Great, at least it's not raining. I look around the road and feel a drop on my head. Aw man!

  After walking for a while I decide to take a break on the side of the road. I look up at the road and see a blinking light at the corner of my left eye. I grab my things and start walking towards it. As I get closer I see a gray cloud around it.

~Devon's Pov~
   Dance practice was really hard especially with the director pushing on us even though our performance is in another 7 months.

 "Bye Chloe! Let's play minecraft tomorrow for another video," I say, going in my car.

 "I'm busy tomorrow. Sorry Devon." she says leaning on the side of my window.

 "It's alright I'll just play hungercraft instead." I drive off heading home. I wonder if I should shop for groceries. Yeah, I think I should.

  As I am driving I smell something smoking. Smoke starts coming out from my hood making the road gray in my view. I quickly hit the brakes making me slam on the wheel.

 "Oh God!" I yell pressing my arms across my chest. "Help!" I get out of the car trying to find my way out of the smoke.

  "Hello?" I hear a voice of a girl yell from a distance.

 "Help!" I whimper as I start to cough.
  I fall to the ground covering my face trying to block the smoke. Suddenly, I feel hands wrap around my back pulling me outside of the smoke.

 "Are you okay? What happened?" she asks, pulling her phone out.

 "I was driving and smoke started to come out of my hood and I slammed the breaks."

 "I'm calling an ambulance and tow truck to take your car." she says handing me a water from her bag.

  The ambulance quickly came taking me and the girl to a hospital.

 "Sir, you need to leave your belongings with her," a nurse says, pointing to the girl that helped me.

  I don't even know her. I end up handing my stuff to her as they take me to the emergency room. A nurse starts to put tubes in my arms and then puts a mask over my mouth making me fall asleep.

   ~Felicity's Pov~
   That guy looked so familiar. "Ma'am, your friend has been injured, but the good thing is he only has bruised ribs and it could of been worse."

 "I don't even know him. He was just lucky that I was walking for the past 30 minutes on the road."

 "Well, he will probably be thanking you for helping him get out safe from his car." she says walking me to his room.

 "Hey, thanks for the help and you don't have to stay." he says uncovering his face from the blankets.

 "I do know you! You DevonMines! Well, Devon unless you last name is mines." I say chuckling.

 "You are?" he asks confused.

 "I'm Felicity, and I watch your videos everyday!"

 "It's cool meeting a fan in person," he says, sitting up looking at me.

 "It's a pleasure meeting you Devon." I shake his hand.

 "Uuhhh... What's with the luggage?" he says pointing to my things.

 "Oh, I'm actually traveling and your part of the reason why I'm here."

 "What do you mean?"

 "To make it short, I'm traveling to meet Youtubers and I'm one too." I sit myself on a chair in front of the bed as we go on talking for a while.
  A doctor later comes in with some x-rays in his hands. "We had a little mix up with you and another patient next door and you don't have bruised ribs, but you do just have bruises on your chest that will go away in a couple days."

 "So am I free to go?" Devon looks at her for an answer.

 "Yes you are." the doctor smiles as he leaves the room.

 "I'll be outside." I say walking out with my things.

 "Well, it was nice meeting you Devon." I shake his hand as he comes out. 

"Same here. Hey, so what are you going to do now?"

 "I'm going to find a hotel or something and just stay there for a day or 2." 

"Why don't you come with me? Well, I don't have a car but we can take a taxi."

 "No, it's okay I'll just stay at a hotel."

 "Felicity, you saved my butt out there on the road. Come on."

"I guess I could." I shrug my shoulders.

  We walk to the sidewalk and look around.

 "Taxi!" Devon yells as he begins to cough.

 "Here, let me," I whistle, "TAXI!" After I said that a taxi immediately came to us.


 "I sometimes get a taxi back where I live." I smile at him as I put my things in the trunk, "So do you want to go check you car at the place?"

 "I think I'll go tomorrow." We drive away from the hospital and head to Devon's place.

A/N: I decided to end it here and continue it tomorrow maybe. Give me some likes! And please fan I'll fan back always. :D


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