YouTubers Around the World *ON HOLD*

I think the title says it all.

Felicity's dream is to meet all her favorite YouTubers around the world. After a couple years of saving money she decides to hit it off and take off on a plane around the world. Will Felicity make it around the world? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.

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6. My first Youtubers

   ~Felicity's Pov~
  "Devon, get your butt out here!" I shout from the first floor.

 Yep, it's actually happening. Managed to get him a car that will last him for a long time. Like I said, he'll kill me, but I don't give a crap about that right now.

"What do you want Feli..." Devon's gaze focuses on the navy blue car parked in front of him.

"It's nice, huh?" I smile.

"You, you really got me a car?!" His jaw drops to the floor as he goes inside the drivers seat. "This is a joke, now take this back."

"I'm not kidding, Devon." He runs up to me, hugging me tightly, "thank you." He whispers.

"That's what friends are for." It's kind of sad to just leave him now, since he's having problems with paying bills and stuff.

"What's wrong?" His smile suddenly disappears when he sees me not smiling.

"Devon, I kind of have to leave." I scratch my head.

"Felicity, it's okay! I'll be fine with this car you bought me. Just go on, don't worry about me." He puts his hand on my shoulder.


"Well, I guess this is goodbye, Felicity."

"Yeah...I guess so."

"Thank you so much for the support and the big helping hand you gave me, I really appreciate it." Devon gives me one last big hug before I head off into the airport.

 I take out my camera and hit the record button. "Hey guys! I'm getting ready to head off to the next place I'm hitting in the US soon. I haven't talked to you guys in a while, how've you been? Oh gosh, it's really hot here!" I pretend to wipe off the sweat on my forehead.

"Now boarding plane to-" I quickly shut my camera off and grab my bag.

 I get in the plane and settle in my spot. I pull out my camera and start to record. "Hey guys! Sorry that I turned off the camera! It just has to stay a mystery until I get there. Where do you think I'm going? Comment below and guess who I'm seeing next! Oh, looks like my planes taking off now! See you later!" I turn off my camera and put my seatbelt on.


"We have now arrived in New Jersey. Thank you for flying with us!"

  I hop off the plane and head out towards the front of the airport. I see a crowd of people huddled up around two people. What's going on? I peek over the crowd to see the back of a blonde hair girl with a guy kneeling on one knee in front of her. Aw! He's proposing!

"Will you be my wife?" He looked up at her opening the small box in his hand revealing a ring.

She stands there speechless shaking. "I-I can't!" She runs off leaving the crowd and me in shock.

"It's alright sir." An old lady comforts him.

"She said no!" He buries his face in his hands.

 After a while everyone starts to walk off like nothing happened. The guy took his face out of his hands revealing that he hadn't cried the whole time. Wait, I think I know him!

"Hey you!" I shout. He turns back to me confused. "No way! Your Jesse from prankvsprank!"

"Yeah, you a fan?"

"Of course! Since the beginning actually!"

"Yo Jeana! We've got a peep here!" He shouted.

I turn around to see Jeana come out from behind a wall. "I can't believe this!"

"Hi! Hey, I think I've seen you before." Jeana studies me.

"You've seen me?"

"Oh yeah, your that chick that's traveling around the world to meet Youtubers." Jesse said.

"Wait, how'd you know about me?"

"Sawyer tweeted me about you."

"Really?" He nods. "Wow. I didn't think he was going to tell anyone about me beside from Sam Pepper."

"You got hookups from Sawyer I'm guessing."

"Yeah, he said to message him, so that Sam would meet me at the airport when I arrive in England."

"Oh cool."

"So where you headed off to?" Jeana asks.

"Well, I'll probably sight see here for the next day or two and then I'm heading off to England probably."

"Why don't you stay with us? We could collab and do videos!" Jesse offers.

"Really?" I scream in my head smiling.

"Yeah! We could do some prank videos with Ed too!"

"Edbassmaster! That'd make my wish come true!"

"Let's get going." Jeana and Jesse lead me to their car and we take off to their place.

A/N: I haven't updated for freakin' ever! I'm trying to focus on this book! Agh! Just so much stuff going on! See ya peeps later!

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