YouTubers Around the World *ON HOLD*

I think the title says it all.

Felicity's dream is to meet all her favorite YouTubers around the world. After a couple years of saving money she decides to hit it off and take off on a plane around the world. Will Felicity make it around the world? Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.

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2. Hanging out with some awesome YouTubers

   ~Felicity's Pov~
 *beep* *beep* *beep*
   I suddenly wake up to my phone buzzing with messages.
Joey: Hey gurl! Want me to pick you up for the get together?
Meghan: Hey its Meghan! here's my address! ****** ****** 12345
Joey: I'm heading your way to pick up some things later on with Sawyer so let me know
Felicity: Sure Joey! When r u coming?
Joey: Leaving from Sawyer's house in an hour or so
Felicity: K
   I quickly get up and start to get ready. "Hey everyone! Today is day 2 with meeting YouTubers. You'll probably be seeing me next at Meghan's house." I put my camera away and continue to pack my things for my big day tomorrow.

 "Felicity, someone's here to pick you up." Jack, the doorman, says through the buzzer.

 "Tell them I'll be down right now." I say holding the button down. I grab my bag and head down the stairs.

 "Hey Felicity, are you ready?" Joey says opening the door.


 We walk to his car and see Sawyer in the front seat starting to vlog. "Sup guys! I'm on my way to a get together at Meghan's house with Joey and..." he quickly turns the camera to me and smiles, "hi whats your name?"

 "I'm Felicity." I wave to the camera.

 "Well, we are on our way to party! Woohoo!" he puts his camera away and looks towards me.

 "So are you a vlogger?"

 "Yeah, I'm starting to vlog more now since I'm traveling around the world now."

 "Oh that's cool. What are you planning on doing while you travel?"

 "Well, actually I'm traveling around to meet famous YouTubers and hangout."

 "Oh so your going to see people in the UK like Sam Pepper?"


 "Hey, maybe I can have him meet up with you when you get to the UK." 

"That's sounds great thanks Sawyer!"

  After a while of driving we arrive at Meghan's house. "Hey guys, glad you could make it Felicity." Meghan smiles as she leads us in.

 "Hey Joey, Sawyer and uuhhh..."

 "Felicity." I tell Kalel as she shakes my hand.

 "Hi, I'm Kalel. Your friends with Joey and Meghan I'm guessing?"

 "Yeah, I just met them yesterday. And I love your videos!"

 "Thanks!" she says waving as she walks into the kitchen.

 An hour had past and I pretty much talked to everyone here which was awesome and told them what I was doing for my channel.

 "Hey everyone! I am here at Meghan's get together with all these people," I say turning the camera towards everyone as they cheer, "This is so freakin fun! Anyways, right now we are going to play the Wii U in teams." I put my camera away as Meghan and Jimmy start to pick teams.

   I ended up on Jimmy's team with Anthony, Princo(Meghan's cousin), David, Cat, and Ingrid. The other team was Meghan, Joey, Kalel, Luke, Sawyer, Whitney, and Alyssa.

 "Let the games begin!" Jimmy shouts as everyone cheers. We all take turns playing Luigi's mansion for a while and then moved on to other fun games. 

"Yay we won!" Meghan shouts jumping up and down high-fiving everyone on her team.

 "You cheated!" David says sticking his tongue out at her as she does the same.

 "Good game everyone!" I high-five everyone.

   ~Meghan's Pov~
  The games were so intense, but my team won! After the games ended, Ingrid, Kalel, Cat, Whitney, Luke, and Anthony left after a long afternoon. 

"Hey Felicity, we should do a video together when you get back." I say cleaning up the living room.

 "That's sounds like a plan!" she smiles at me.

 "Do you remember what today is?" David looks towards me.

 I think for a second, "Oh my gosh! We didn't do the week-in-review!" I can't believe I forgot about it.

 "Why don't you guys do it right now?" Felicity says.

 "We don't want to be rude to guest."

 "It's getting late anyways Meghan, thanks for inviting us!" Joey, Felicity, and Sawyer wave good-bye as they leave.

 "Meghan, lets set up!" David runs to his room and grabs his computer. 
 "Good morning burries, it's the week-in-review! The week-in-review is when David, my brother, goes through the comments in the past week videos and picks his favorite comments."

 "So let's get started!" David yells, "the first comment I picked was 'MEOW'." 

"Hey, meow guy is back!"

 "I thought he died." David says with a straight face.

 "Didn't you see him at Alyssa's performance?" David stays quiet looking around, "Anyways, the next comment I picked was 'So if Jimmy and Meghan get married, would they be Jimmy Thong and Meghan Thong?' "

 "Guys, we need to stop this. We can't make it a thing on lifeburry. Jimmy is getting sad about it."

 "I don't wear thongs you guys!" Jimmy says standing in front of the camera whispering other things.

 "Jimmy!" I yell at him as he moves away. After we did the week-in-review video, I give Princo the footage and head off to my room to sleep after Jimmy left.

   ~Joey's Pov~
 "It's getting late anyways Meghan, thanks for inviting us!" I say as Sawyer and Felicity follow behind me to Satsuki.

 "Hey Joey, so when are you planning on going to England?" Felicity asks, joining me at my side.

 "I'm going in 2 weeks probably."

 "Oh ok." We get in the car and drive to Felicity's place.

 "Thanks for the ride, Joey." Felicity waves at us as she goes inside. I take off and head to Sawyer's house.

 "I am pooped out!" Sawyer face plants onto the couch.

 "Same here. Well, I'm going to bed. Night Sawyer." I quickly run to my room and start editing my vlog.
 Hmmm... I wonder if Felicity needs a ride to the airport. I pull my phone out and text her hoping she's still awake.
Joey: Hey Felicity! Sorry if I'm waking you up, but I wanted to know if you need a ride to the airport.
Felicity: No you didn't wake me. Uuhhh... I think I'll be fine but thanks for offer! :P
Joey: No problem

  I jump in bed and fall asleep right when I hit the pillow.

A/N: This was short. -__- Probably post another chapter in 2 days idk yet and I promise it will be longer, but tell me if you like it so far! ^_^


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