Cast Away (Harry Fan Fic)

Lacey Hall was misunderstood. She was invisible to mankind. Nothing has gotten better; maybe it got even worse. Being thrown around like a towel each day is a true struggle.
And even worse, a well known band, One Direction, is going to attend her boarding school. Will they help this misfit or bark at her like the rest? Will she break out of her shell finally and stand up for herself?


14. Spotlight

Lacey's pov



I was dreading going to this god awful detention. I'd much rather sit in my room and sleep,  but no! I opened the door to 207 and there were some of my fellow peers trying to stay awake. I slump to the back and slide into my seat. 


"So is there any chance I could get you to sleep with me? I hear you ride great!" A couple jocks joked around, referring to me. 



"Do you have anything better to do?" I asked, honestly. Each and every one of them shook their annoying little heads.



"I was hoping you." I hear them giggle like school girls. I just turned around.



"leave her the fuck alone." Oh god.. Harry.



"Just shut up Harry. Your fault..." A face comes near to mine.



"I was trying to protect you. I didn't know that jack ass had a record." I pushed him away.



"That 'jackass' is my friend. Thanks to you, everyone knows. I'm just another slut." I couldn't take it. I snatched up my backpack and stood up. Harry was close behind.



"Hall! Styles! You two seem eager. How eager are you too to clean up room 100? Those janitors need some help." I face palmed.



"I'd love too, alone." I said under my breath.



"to make sure you both won't leave, take these keys. Bring them back after, and I'll send somebody to check on you every once and a while maybe." I took the keys and bursted out of that room.



"Lacey slow down!" Harry yelled. I froze and turned around.



"You humiliated me! You don't deserve the time of day." I sprinted to room 100. I struggled to unlock the door.



"I'll help you, love." I growled and he did his thing. My eyes widened once I saw the mess.



"I'm guessing they either had a food fight or 12 people were murdered in here." Harry laughed. I opened the cleaning cabinet, taking out cleansers and tools.



"Just shut up. You're not funny." I took a sponge and rubbed the walls.



"Most people usually think I'm quite lovely." He sounded sarcastic.



"I'm not like most people."



"I can tell. You're obsessed with how everyone hates you. It gets old." I squeezed the sponge on his head, releasing a ton of water.  He whipped his hair, making water fly around the room.



"You're just mad because you know it's true." Maybe it was...



"We're not friends. Why are you telling me this?" I saw his eyes pass over my lips, and back to my eyes. I stare at his pink, plump lips as well. I remember how soft they are. 



"I think it's obvious that I'm into you. I have been ever since you came here. I think you're into me." Fuck.



"We said it was a bad idea. Shut up and help me clean." I started to scrub the desks. It was an awkward silence. Harry just sat there, staring.



"Do you have some sort of problem? Listen to what I say and clean." He remained in a daze. I stood in front of him and bent down to where I was his level. 



"Clean you incompetent idiot." 



"I'll clean if you kiss me." Oh great. 



"It's not worth it." 



"Admit you like me!" He screamed. He stood up.



"Look, I do. But you're a playing jerk and not to mention famous. I don't want to be in the spot light." Harry slides his phone from his back pocket and snaps a photo of the mess.



"what are you doing?" I asked. He started typing. I then got an Instagram notification. And another after another.



"cleaning this mess with this girl @lacey__x. What the hell, styles?" I was getting followers by the minute.



"You already are in the spotlight. Please, give me a chance." 

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