The Usual

Pearl is in love with Harry Styles the most popular boy at school. He doesn't even now She exists. What happens when they r forced to do a project together will he finally realize her beauty?


2. Chapter 2

"Pearl and Harry" Mrs. P  said for everyone to hear. I turned around slowly to see Harry staring at me with a friendly smile on his face. I quickly turned around to see all the angry girl faces staring at me and sticking their middle fingers up at me I just sunk in my chair and put my face in my book.

" Now everybody go pick a job out of the bowl then go talk with your partner." I went up and pick a piece of paper that said: actor/model... so I'm guessing like Tyra Banks. I slowly walked over to where Harry was and handed him my piece of paper. He read it then handed it back to me. 

"Man Pearl u got a really nice job" 

"T-t-t-han-n- ks" I said so quietly I could barely hear myself. 

" so I guess I'm a male model/actor"


"Because that's what my paper said so we r a model/actor family... coool"

"Uh yah um okay"

"Class now line up to find out how many kids u will be having then with your partners u can decide the dates." Harry spun the wheel and it landed on 4. So we went to a corner of the room to pick dates and names. 


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