Hey Jude

Jude is alone. Apart from Magenta he has no one except his mother who is terminally ill. His father is an abusive drunk and all Jude wants to do is leave. Will Magenta go with him or will her family lock her away from her one true love.



1. 1

I looked over the river and saw her hair blowing in the breeze. She touched the pillar next to the bridge and I watched as she wandered down the hill again. She was gone again and I hadn’t spoken to her. Again. I found myself drawn to the bridge that connected the two sides of the river and crossed it. The view from the top of the hill was astonishing; I looked in the direction she had gone but she was nowhere to be seen.

“How strange,” I thought out loud. I leaned against the pillar and watched the movement of the village at the bottom of the hill. There were a few people looking up at me and I decided I better go home before someone recognises me. As I turned around I saw a piece of paper sticking out of one of the holes in the pillar. I took it out and realised it was a note. Dismissively, I put it in my pocket and crossed the bridge and headed back to my house.


My house was warm and cosy, Mum was sat in her chair knitting yet another scarf and Dad was still at work.

“Hiya Mum,” I said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“You alright, love?” She asked.

“Yeah, I’m good Ma, yourself?” I asked sitting on the armchair opposite hers.

“I’m fine thanks, Jude.” She looked up at me for a second and then carried on knitting. “Did you see her again today?” Mum knew about the girl, I told Mum everything and she always listened.

“Yeah,” I sighed leaning back in the chair.

“I take it you haven’t spoken to her then?”

“Nope,” I sighed again. “I’m going to go upstairs; do you want a cuppa before I go up?”

“Oh, yes please love.” She smiled up at me and I went into the kitchen to boil the kettle. I looked out of the kitchen window and saw my dad getting out of his van.

“For fucks sake,” I sighed to myself. Dad wasn’t the loving kind of dad, in fact I sometimes wondered if he had ever loved anyone except mum. I didn’t take my eyes off him the whole way he walked up the path. He seemed in a good enough mood; which meant I shouldn’t piss him off and should just make him a cuppa too and then disappear upstairs. He walked through the door and put his coat on his hook.

“Hiya Dad, you alright?” I asked, trying to be cheerful.

“Yeah.” He was always a blunt bastard.

“Do you want a cup of tea?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure.” He said as he walked into the front room. “Hiya love.” I heard him say to Mum. I made them both a cuppa and went upstairs.


My room wasn’t much. I had the attic room; it was small but it was mine and I was grateful for that. I laid down on the mattress that I considered my bed and fiddled in my pockets, looking for my phone. Instead of my phone I pulled out the piece of paper from the pillar near the bridge. I opened up and was surprised to see it was addressed to me.

Hey Jude,

Don’t be so shy. I know who you are; it’s no secret over here. You’re Barry’s boy. Come and say hello next time, your staring is getting kind of boring, and you seem like you’re more interesting than a gaze across the river. Same time tomorrow?

-Magenta (Maggie)



I reread the note over and over again until it hit me that she might actually like me. I looked at the clock and sighed realising that it would be almost 24 hours before I could see her again, Magenta. It was a unique name, and it suited her. I sighed and put my hands behind my head. I thought about her that night, as I had thought about her every night since we had suddenly stumbled upon each other’s existence.

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