Say Hi to the New Guy

Viola is a normal girl. She has a few friends ini school she gets average grades and she has a few sisters. Until someone new moves on her block what does she do?


17. The Date

Jessicas POV.

The bell rang I went to get the door. Harry stood there,

"Hello" He greeted me and gave me a hug.

"Hi" I said.

"You look beautiful" He said, while we pulled away from each other.

"Thanks you don't look to bad yourself"

He chuckled "Thanks"

He took my hand and we walked to the car. He opened the door for me and jogged to his side.

We drove for like 20 minutes and came to a small cafe on the beach. We walked inside it was small and cozy. The walls were a pretty light pink and the lights were dimmed. There were small tables and booths all over the room and Harry led me to one. He pulled out the chair for me and then sat down himself.

"So tell me about yourself;"He said.

"Ok what do you wanna know"

"Just about you, Your family, Your talents,"

'Well I'm 16, My best friend Clara just moved away, My  real name is Violet my older sister is Jasmine and my younger sister is Lily. What can I say my Mom loves flowers!" I paused."I already told you all of this!"

"Your turn Harry" I said

"Ok Vi I'm part of One Direction my best mates are  Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn. My older sister is Gemma my Mum is Anne an my Step-Father is Robin. And I'm nineteen."

"One question"

"Yea"He replied.

"Why did you take me out"

He looked at me "Is there a problem?" he asked and then smiled,

"Well, no but Why would you wanna take me out?Me?"

"Cuz your beautiful"

"Thanks but no I'm not"

"To me you are" He said, and smiled, I smiled back.


And we continued on with our meal. Laughs and Smiles, Frowns and Funny faces. But it was a fun night.

We finished and left the cafe.

On the ride home Harry blasted the music in the car, Their song was on, One thing.

Harry was singing along and I was laughing along.

We finally arrived to our home; He walked me in,

"Thanks Harry I really had fun tonight" I said.

He smiled "So did I, I hope I can take you out again"

he hugged me "Thankyou"

"Anything for you"

He said and walked back to his house.


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