Say Hi to the New Guy

Viola is a normal girl. She has a few friends ini school she gets average grades and she has a few sisters. Until someone new moves on her block what does she do?


15. School

Violas PoV.

The sun slipped through my blinds settling down on my closed eyes. I quickly opened them and looked at the clock I only had a half hour. I got out of my bed slowly despite the time. I quickly pulled the covers over my matress neatly setting down my pillow at the front of my bed. I walked hastily to the bathroom showering quickly and walking out. I wasnt in the mood to be stylish today. I settled on a hot pink tank black shorts and a black jean jacket. I slipped on the tank and hurriedly pulled on my shorts. My pink ankle socks got pulled onto my feet and so did my black converse. I put my hair into a quick but neat ponytail and brushed some mascara to my lashes. Then I applied some eyeliner and rouge. I put on some hot pink lipstick and skipped downstairs. I gupled down my cereal and rushed out the door. I fled to the bus stop and stopped breathlessly when I got there. Moments later I climbed onto the bus going down the aisle to find a seat. I stopped by a girl sitting alone.

"Can I sit?" I asked her.

She turned to look at me then made a face "No" She said iin a mean voice. I continued walking till I came to the last seat. Where just a bag sat. I turned to look at the girls from the grade below me sitting across form the seat.

"Is anyone sitting here?" I asked.

"Oh no! You could sit" The girl said removing her bag from the seat to reveal it dripping with water. For the rest of the ride I sat on the edge of the seat while the girls had smirks on their faces. Why does it pay to be mean. Im saying youre not getting anywhere. Whatever. I rushed to my first class Math and sat in my seat just before the bell rang. I breathed a sigh of releif and looked to the front.Math great way to start the moning huh?

"Good morning class" Mr. Walter greeted.

"Good Morning Mr. Walter"

"Today we will start with..." The class went on boringly while I doodled crazy stuff on my papers. When the bell finally rang I was the first one out the door.Next was art I walked into the room and was greeted by Ms. Morgans warm smile.

"Hello Violet Please go work on your painting" She told me I nodded and went to my table.I was painting a girl with red curls in a field of grass. She looks straight ahead. I decided to work on the grass today. I painted different shades of green for the specks of grass all arounf the lone figure. The assignment was to have a message in it mine was

Dont look to the side at all your problems just look straight ahead and continue on

I thought of it myself it was kinda self explanatory. Art passed quickly considering I enjoyed it.NOw I had History.Most boring of all. When it was done I walked into the lunchroom and got a Sandwich and Juice. Its probably gross since its in school. As I walked away from the line I heard someone calling to me.

"Vilola Over here" By what she called me I knew it was Peyton. No way.

"NO over here!"An unfamiliar voice called I looked to see Sarina motioning me to come.

I walked to her table.

"Hey" She said moving her red curls out of her eyes.

"Hey" I replied as I sat down next to her.

We continued to talk until the bell rang signaling me lunch is over...

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. When the last bell rang I rushed out the school doors begining to walk home. Yep! Thats what I do, Ride in the morning, Walk in the afternoon. I continued walking when I heard a familiar voice calling my name;

"Hey Vi Get in" I looked to see Harry a few feet away frm me smiling in his car.

I walked there and got in He smiled at me I smiled back. And we drove off smiles on our faces.

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