Say Hi to the New Guy

Viola is a normal girl. She has a few friends ini school she gets average grades and she has a few sisters. Until someone new moves on her block what does she do?


10. Harry

Violas POV.

I ran back to the car tears falling freely down my face. Why? Why out of all things has my best friend been taking away from me. I sighed time to find new friends I thought to myself. But thats one of the reasons I'm so upset, Clar she was my only friend but she was the best friend in the world. Nobody liked me except Clara. Peyton bullied me and shes the popular girl so now everyone hates me. I dont understand what I did wrong. Im pretty good at sports. Im a really good artist. I get average grades and I can play piano and sing. Am I that horrible? I got out of the car when we reached my house I went to my room and locked the door. I had a new message from Clara I unlocked my phone.

From: BFF Clara: I miss you already:)xx

To:BFF Clara: Me too have a good flight:)xx

From:BFF Clara: I will Love ya;)xx

To: BFF Clara: Love you too bye!xx

No smiley face we were saying goodbye why should I be happy? Just then my phone rang it was Harry. I wasnt in the mood to talk.




"You wanna come over?"

"Yea, Sure I'll be right there"

"Good see ya!"'

"K bye"

I honestly wasnt in the mood to go over but I needed to cheer myself up. Harry was really nice to me. And Hey maybe he kinda is considered my friend I mean a few days ago he said friends right? Whatever I walked across the street and knocked on the door. Harry opened it wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

"Hey Harry"

"Hey Whats up"

"My best friend just moved to California I have no other friends and still get bullied!"

"Clara moved? Im so sorry but hey you have me" He smiled.

I smiled too "Yeah I guess"

"So what do ya wanna do?"

"I dont know, Movie?"

"Good Idea but hey can we talk?"

"I guess uhm uh yeah sure"

"Okay good" He told me to come upstairs to his room so I followed him up.

"Wow Harry nice room" I nodded impressed.

"Yeah I know" He saidand patted the bed near him. I sat down.

"Listen Viola" He started "What I meant about before I dont want you thiking of me as a famous freak" I nodded

"I dont Harry"

'Okay good, Because I'm really just a normal guy I would really like to be friends Vi" He said.

"Thanks Harry me too, Your the only one besides Clara and my sisters who are nice to me, Everyone in school hates me they call me losers and-"

"Viola stop dont think about what they call you, Think about what I call you"

He stopped a minute to catch his breath "Beautiful, Talented, Smart, Cool, Funny, Sweet" And thats only a few" He smiled at me his adoracle dimples showing.

I smiled back "Thanks Harry"

He held out his arms and I jumped into them I stayed in his arms for a while before I felt my eyes closing and I drifted off to sleep"


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