Say Hi to the New Guy

Viola is a normal girl. She has a few friends ini school she gets average grades and she has a few sisters. Until someone new moves on her block what does she do?


9. GoodBye

Violas POV.

Today Clara was leaving. I'm going to miss her. Alot. She stayed at my house the past few days we watched movies and went to the mall together. But now shes leaving I went with her family to the airport. We just got there. They got out of the car. I hugged Claras Mom and Dad and her eleven year old sister Amber.

"Bye Amber" I said hugging her.

"Bye Viola Im going to miss you and Lily"

"Me too" I told her. Then I stopped hugging her and went to Clara.

"Clara Im I-" I couldnt say it. A few tears escaped my eyes which caused many more to come trickling down my cheeks.

"Im going to miss you Clara sooo much" I said hugging her tightly.

"Me too Vi"

"GIrls we have to go" Her Father inturrupted our moment.

"I love you Clar, Bye"

'"I love you too Vi"

"Good bye" She said waving getting farther by the second.

"Good bye" I whispered as she turned a corner and waved for the last time.

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