Say Hi to the New Guy

Viola is a normal girl. She has a few friends ini school she gets average grades and she has a few sisters. Until someone new moves on her block what does she do?


4. Clara

Violas POV.

Soon after me and Harry exchanged numbers and I thanked him once again for standing up for me which he told me was his pleasure. I rollerbladed back home I went up to my room and took my blades off I put on a t-shirt and leggings it was only 6 o-clock. Oh well! I got out my labtop and typed in Harry Styles latest news.Alot came up I pressed on the first or second,

Harry Styles of One Direction moves to a more suttle town

Harry Styles teenage hearthrobs family decides to move

 to a more serene area

Anne Cox spoke of the familys desicon

 she quoted how...

I closed my labtop and dialed Claras number,

"Hey Clar"

"Hey Vi"

"Your not going to beleive this!"

"What did Niall Horan falll truly madly deeply in love with me?"

"NO!" I rolled my eyes.

"Ok then what is it?"

"Harry Styles as in world wide famous billions of girl fans"

"Im pretty sure I know who Harry Styles is"

"Good now what if I tell you..."
"Spit it out!" She demanded

"Harry Styles is moving next door to me" I heard her laughing on the other line.

"Thats the best prank youve pulled yet Vi" She said in between laughing.

"Its not a prank"

"Reeeallllyyy darling" She told me

"OK Clara go get your labtop"

She sighed "Why?" She pouted.

"Just go!"

"K... K I have it."

"Now look up Harry Styles family move"

I heard her typing "And then she was like hipervanlating "O..M...G....How wha-"

"I know its crazy but guess what I have his number"

"Do ya have Nialls too?"

"Nope but I could probably get it!"

"That would be awesome"

"I know but I gotta go talk to ya later"


And the line went dead I sat back on my bed and started to do a little more reaserch on my new neighbor...



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