Unbreakable *On Hold*

Chloe. The one no one wanted. The one who was always alone. The one with the scars, the cuts. The one who was abused to the point where she was raped. The one who always pushed people away, never let anyone in. But yet she was the type of girl every one longed to be. She was strong. She never broke, never crumbled. Her story is special, so read it carefully, and please don't judge her, she's already been through so much. I hope you love her as much as I do :) Enjoy .xx


1. Chloe.

    Chloe Mayes. Such a plain name for a plain girl. Hi, I'm Chloe. :) And I'm here to tell you my story. But first why don't I tell you a bit about myself yeah?

I'm told I'm pretty, but I don't believe it for a second. I'm fat, worthless, and unwanted. I was abused as child. I was always told "Don't cry Chloe, no one likes a person that cries. That's all you ever do is cry. You're a fat, worthless child that doesn't deserve kindness. Don't cry Chloe. Stand up and take the pain." 

That was my fathers way of teaching me to be strong. And actually, it worked. Now? I don't dare to shed a single tear. I stand up and take the pain as it comes to me. Even though I gained the strength everyone wanted, I lost the love everyone needed. I lost the will to let people in, and trust them. Every time someone got close, I pushed them away. I distanced myself from everyone who only wanted to help. I couldn't bare the feeling of getting hurt. 

    Chloe Mayes. Such a plain name for a plain girl. Hi, I'm Chloe. :) And it's time now for you to listen to my story. 


  ~A/N~ Hi there. So I know this part was lame, but it was just explaining a bit about the wonderful Chloe! I hope you keep reading to hear her incredible story :) Much love .xx

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