For the love of a runaway

In this town. In this town where you can never tell a lie from the real truth. Everyone has a secret, and everyone knows the truth, that none of us will ever know what the truth really is. This could be a lie, this could be a secret. But who will ever know? You can't trust anyone, and everyone else can't trust you. It's all just a phantom secret and it's really good at hiding. They're all just secrets in the wind.

Radly Myers has had enough of this town. After the mysterious death of her father, her mother becomes the new couch ornament. Always saying she would find a job when in reality she won't. That leaves Radly to take care of her Eight year old sister, Zoe. She can't handle it anymore, finding out that her mother has been repeating the abuse done to her, onto Zoe. She packs up and takes her sister with her, now taking over the role of mother and big sister. Skipping towns to make sure her mother never finds them, will she find someone who can't let her go. Will she stay for him?


5. Chapter Five

"Hold my hand." I tell Zoe before we walk across the street towards the diner. She grabs my hand and we continue on our way over. When we enter the building, I see my boss sweeping the floor in front of the counter. I have known her for a while and we got along well. "Hey, Mary."

"Oh, hello, Radly." She looks at her watch. "You're early."

"Yeah...I was hoping I could speak with you."

"Okay." She sets the broom against the counter and we walk to the back of the diner and into her office. She sat down at her desk and I sat on the other side with Zoe on my lap. "So what's up?"

I sigh. "I'll work my shift today but after that...I have to quit." I look down. She just gives me a concerned look. "When my shift is over and I get my pay check...Zoe and I have to leave."

"Is there something going on at home?" She asks.

"Sort of...We just have to leave."

"Are you sure?" She asks.

I nod. "Yeah. I'm sure." That was weird for a person like me to say. I am never actually sure about anything ever...but today I am.


I walk into the store and towards the checkout counter.

"Hello." The same woman greets.

"Hi." I smile back. "I was in here last night."

"Yes. I remember you." She holds her hand out to me and I shake it. "My name is Rosey." She adds.

"I'm Radly. I just saw your sign, and I would like to apply."

"Okay. Follow me." I followed her into the back room and she handed me some papers.

"You just need to sign these."

"Thank you."

She sits down at her desk and starts something on the computer. Once I had them filled out, I set the papers on the desk next to her.

"Okay. Full name?" She asks.

"Radly Myers." I reply.



"Do you have any experience in sales?"

"Yes, I have worked in diners, stores, gas stations...pretty much anywhere you can think of."

She nods. "Do you have any recommendations statements from previous jobs?" She asks.

"Oh, yes. I do." I reach into my bag and pull out the half wrinkled pieces of paper. I hand them to her and she reads them over.

"Well, you sound like a hard worker. You've got the job."


She nods. "Can you start tomorrow?"

I nod. "Thank you so much, I won't let you down." I stand up as she does and shake her hand.

I walk out of the store with one thought in my head. That actually went well.

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