For the love of a runaway

In this town. In this town where you can never tell a lie from the real truth. Everyone has a secret, and everyone knows the truth, that none of us will ever know what the truth really is. This could be a lie, this could be a secret. But who will ever know? You can't trust anyone, and everyone else can't trust you. It's all just a phantom secret and it's really good at hiding. They're all just secrets in the wind.

Radly Myers has had enough of this town. After the mysterious death of her father, her mother becomes the new couch ornament. Always saying she would find a job when in reality she won't. That leaves Radly to take care of her Eight year old sister, Zoe. She can't handle it anymore, finding out that her mother has been repeating the abuse done to her, onto Zoe. She packs up and takes her sister with her, now taking over the role of mother and big sister. Skipping towns to make sure her mother never finds them, will she find someone who can't let her go. Will she stay for him?


8. Chapter Eight

"Don't forget your backpack." I tell Zoe.

"I won't." She grabs her bag and we make our way out of the train.

I smile when I step out onto the curb. We have arrived in Boston, New York. "Hold my hand." I tell Zoe as we are about to cross the street. She grabs my hand and we walk across the street and up the long sidewalk full of stores, coffee shops, diners, bars, etc...

"What now?" Zoe asks.

"We find a place to stay." She nods.

I laugh at Zoe's facial expressions when we pass a girl with very few pieces of clothing on.

"Why is she wearing that?" Zoe asks.

I smile to myself. "She just...chooses to. Just keep walking."


When I find a motel, I decide that that is where we are going to have to stay for the night, even if I want to save the money for a more permanent place.


"That's a pretty locket, Radly." Zoe tells me when we finally get settled back into the hotel.

"Thanks, Zoo Zoo. Wanna help me put it on?" She nods then sits behind me to clip it.

She goes back over to her bed and lays down. "Radly?"

I turn to her. "Yes, Zoo Zoo?"

"When are we going back to school."

"Oh, I almost forgot. I'll get the enrollment forms tomorrow. Okay?"


Ever since this all started I have had to keep enrolling her in every school. We only stay in these places for about a month or two or until I know mom is around. You can imagine how many schools Zoe and I have been to. I let her settle in and we start back up again. She is pretty smart for her age and she knows it. She is definitely going to go far in life.

"Good night, Zoe."

"Good night."

We lay down and go to bed. For no reason, a certain someone's face pops up in my mind. it was that boy I ran into a couple of days ago, Blaine.

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