How Eleanor Fell For Louis

At one point, 'Heleanor' was real. Eleanor Calder dated Harry Styles all before Louis Tomlinson did. Even though Eleanor never actually loved Harry, she decided to give him a chance knowing love blossoms from the strangest situations, and that's exactly what happened. It all started the day Louis confessed he had feelings for Eleanor and she realised she had feelings for him as well and they started dating. In secret to not hurt Harry and to not allow Eleanor to receive hate from the fans. But sometimes big secrets, shouldn't be kept. What happens when Harry finds out though? Does it ruin the whole bands relationship as friends? Or will he just hate Eleanor and Louis forever?


1. Prologue


  She's staring at a picture ofhim wondering if she'll ever love him. Sure, she's known him for years now and even then Eleanor just considered him a friend. It wasn't until they day he asked her to be his girlfriend that she considered trying to be with him, but she didn't think it would be that difficult to manage. Eleanor snapped out of her trance as Louis walked into the kitchen. She took a sip of her tea to just show, that's the whole reason she was alone in the kitchen and not cuddled up with Harry on the couch as they watched a few movies. She excused herself to drink tea so she wouldn't spill it. It wasn't her strongest excuse but, it was an excuse. 

  "You're missing the movie," Louis informed. 

   "Yeah, I'm clumsy sometimes and I just didn't want to spill the tea all over your couch," said Eleanor before taking another sip. Her and the boys were on Louis' flat. 

  "I don't mind, I can just clean it up later-"

  "No!" Eleanor said realising she sounded far too defensive and quickly took another sip. 

  "Are you alright?" Louis asked sitting in the chair next to Eleanor. 

  "Yes, one hundred percent," she said anxiously.  Of course she knew she couldn't get a lie pass Louis. 

  "I don't believe you, El," Louis said. Eleanor stayed silent and just thought what excuse to use next.  "How about I admit something once you admit what's bothering you," Louis said using his arm for extra gestures. Eleanor raised an eyebrow and just sucked in a breathe. She couldn't keep the secret forever that she wasn't so romantically attracted to Harry. 

  "Okay, but you can't tell anybody. You'll be the only person who knows," Eleanor said. Louis held out his pinky and smiled. 

   "I pinky promise," he said. Eleanor linked her pinky with Louis' and then pulled them apart. 

   "I don't think I like Harry anymore," she said as a whisper to be careful about anyone hearing her. Louis seemed surprised but then shook it off. "Say something?" 

 "Well, I wouldn't have guessed. You seem so happy together" Louis said. He was being honest, she was very convincing. 

   "I guess I'm good at pretending," Eleanor shrugged. Louis remained silent and it worried Eleanor in a way. "You're turn," she briefly said. 

  "Well, Eleanor. I like a girl and I would like to be with her," Louis said. "I didn't ever think I'd get a chance with her but.. I might have one," Eleanor gulped as she felt a lump in her throat and a knot in her stomach. 

  "Who is she?" Eleanor asked. 

  "I'll give you a hint," Louis said moving his face closer to hers and slowly placing his lips on hers. Soon, they were kissing like two lovers reuniting after months from seeing each other. That's when Eleanor realized, she loved Louis and she wanted to be his. But then... She has a few other problems. 

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