We cant stop, we wont stop

Fame,Love,Sex and Drugs what could be better? The perfect life . Until one day. Read to find out


16. Darkness

Vanessa's POV 


I closed my eyes and awaited fate " Bang" that was the last thing I  heard before my body went numb. I felt excruciating pain in my body. I opened my eyes to face reality. The pain wasn't coming from my chest but from my leg. The gushing red blood started to flow out of my body like a river.


"Ahhhhhh" I screamed out in pain. 


"Shut up or next time I won't be so nice" He barked 


" Nice you call this nice you fucking shot me in my leg!!!!!" 


" Yeah next time I'll just put a bullet in your head." 


And with that he left the room.


"BITCH" I yelled 


The blood kept flowing out no matter how much pressure I applied I couldn't get it to stop. Eventually I just faded away into darkness. 



I woke up in the same hell hole that I was in. I looked around to see If anything new was there.Nope just the same thing darkness and a crappy bed that I was laying on. 

I looked at my leg. It was wrapped up and bandaged. It still hurt but atleast there was no more blood coming out of me. The door opened.


" I see sleeping beauty finally woke up" 


"That was your fault, if you never would have shot me then I wouldn't have passed out." 


"Feisty just the way I like them" 


"Fuck off" 


" oh babe that's just what I'll do" he smirked 


I knew all to well what that meant.

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