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Fame,Love,Sex and Drugs what could be better? The perfect life . Until one day. Read to find out


26. Chapter 26

Vanessa's POV

I woke up from my sleep, but I wasn't in my bed, or my room, I was in the same place I was. Jake came through the door, I was startled.

" Where am I"

" Your in my room"

"Why" I was getting annoyed, wasn't it enough that he had me her against my will no he just had to have me here in his room too.

' Because I felt bad for slapping you earlier" he sighed

" Y-you do?" I was shocked that this

" Yes"

" Really you didn't seem sorry last time when you tried to rape me"

" That was different I warned you to keep your mouth shut, and you didn't so you needed to be taught a lesson. And you would have if it wasn't for him."

" Justin" I whispered to myself



I was scared he told me never to mention his name ever and if the tried to rape me last time because I didn't follow his rules, and the only thing that stopped him was Justin , and now that hes gone there's no one that's going to come and save me. I decided that it was best for myself to shut up when im told and to do as I am told, Just to be safe.

" That's what I thought"

I kept my head down.

He sighed once again, why does he keep doing that its not like he felt bad for what he did. or does he? No no he doesn't hes a cold hearted killer who told everything away from me.

" Look im sorry for everything can we try and start over?"

" O-OK "

" Hi my names Jake" He held out his hand

'Hi Jake i'm Vanessa, I dont shake hands I hug"

I cant help it Im a hugger, my parents always taught me that everyone deserves a second chance no matter how heartless they might seem.

" So Vanessa would you like to join my for dinner" He smiled

He had a really nice smile

" I'd love to" I smiled back

" OK great Luke will take you back to your room and will get you when your done"

" Ok"

Luke arrived shortly and it was shocking he didn't throw my over his shoulders like I expected him to do, instead he held out his hand out the the direction to the hallway.I walked to the hallway and stood there. Luke looked at me weird

" Whats up"

" I-I don't know where my room is" I blushed

" What do you mean?"

" Well every time you would take me to you my room you kinda had me over your shoulder and i may have been or may not have been hitting you on your face the enitre time." I looked down a the floor.

" OH HAHAHA , ok lets walk there together" he smiled

" ok " I smiled

We got to my room and it was actually really easy to get there from lukes room, it was just straight ahead, make a right , then a left, and bam your there.

" Thanks Luke"

" Your welcome Vanessa"

he left and there was something in my bed, it was covered with a black bag. there was a note on it.

" Please wear this to dinner I think you would look nice.- love Jake"

I opened the bag and it was the most beautiful dress ever, it was a short dress with a ivory straight cut at the bust area with revealing sides and a cotton candy pink bottom with a layer of see through to make it a " long dress" along with some nude heels. I got in he shower and then curled my hair into beach wave curls. Then put on the dress and heels. I looked at myself in the mirror and I absolutely loved it.

I was about to knock on the door when I grabbed the door handle and it was open, this was my chance to escape I could run now and find someone and get Jake thrown in jail for kidnap and murder, I could end this all right now. But I didn't want to escape.

I stepped outside and made my way to Jake's room, knocked on the door. Jake opened the door with a smile on his face.

" Why are you smiling?" I asked

" For two reasons, one you look absolutely beautiful , and two you passed the test"

" What test?" I was confused

"Do you really think I would tell them not to lock your room?"

" I don't know"

" Well I told them not to lock the door I wanted to see what you would, I wanted to see if you would try and escape."

" ohh" I looked down

" Why didn't you try" he asked

" I wanted to I was even considering it I was going to escape and get you thrown in jail for everything kidnapping me and killing you know, but I just couldn't, I didn't want to.'

I continued to look down, Jake placed a finger under my chin and my eyes meet his, they were beautiful, a green blue that was just amazing, he looked at my lips and then my eyes, he leaned in and I did too, then we kissed it was nice, I kissed back I don't know why i leaned in or why I kissed back, but I did and I liked it. I think I'm falling for Jake.


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