i live by quotes (one direction fan fic)

Alexandria is 15 and has band that doesn't have a name yet. Alex might seem like a normal teenager but boy is she far from it. the number one reason is that her brother is thee "Louis Tomlinson." she wants to follow in her brothers foot steps in fact her in her brother are like twins when it comes to personality, there funny, crazy, annoying, likeable, and good people but Alex has other trait's bossy, has to be in charge, and much more. One Direction was such a big success she her and her four other members Holly, Kate, Tori, and Marie have taken coaching from the guys. will Alex's traits cause the band to fall? and will they shine like stars. find out.


4. nice

                  I sat on Lou's lap because there was no more room.

"So Alex, do you have a thing for music like your brother?" she asked.

                  I thought for a moment.

"Well, I started my own band, i'm the drummer we call our band  Shinning Stars" I said with a smile.

"That's cool. So guys, how do you feel about what has been happening?" she says.

"Well, I have really enjoyed the fans and stuff so I'm really excited about our tour."Liam said.

                 I almost choked.

"Tour, what?" I say surprised.

"You didn't know about this?" she asked.

"No!" I say and look at the guys.

              The interview went on and after it I walked off stage with the guys.

"Oh my god, am I going with you guys?" I asked.

"No, Alex your staying with Paul" Louis said.

               I sunk down in a chair.

"Who the heck is Paul?" I questioned.

"Paul is our bodyguard." harry explained.

"When are you guys leaving?" I asked and sit up.

"Um, on Saturday." Zayn said.

                 That's 2 days from now. We got in the car and I was silent the whole way home. 

A/N I NEED A co-author u get ur own character and stuff so yah :)      

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