i live by quotes (one direction fan fic)

Alexandria is 15 and has band that doesn't have a name yet. Alex might seem like a normal teenager but boy is she far from it. the number one reason is that her brother is thee "Louis Tomlinson." she wants to follow in her brothers foot steps in fact her in her brother are like twins when it comes to personality, there funny, crazy, annoying, likeable, and good people but Alex has other trait's bossy, has to be in charge, and much more. One Direction was such a big success she her and her four other members Holly, Kate, Tori, and Marie have taken coaching from the guys. will Alex's traits cause the band to fall? and will they shine like stars. find out.


12. Nice To Meet You

Here, you walk into my life and i just pray you don't run out just as fast.


               I walked down the street still pissed at Paul. Who did he think he was?! As i walked i seen a boy in his front yard doing tricks on his skateboard. He had shaggy brown hair and a beanie on. He had high-tops, ripped jeans, and a band shirt on. As I came closer he looked at me. He tilted his head slightly and grabbed his skateboard.

"I haven't seen you around!" He called

"I sorta just moved in!" I replied

               He walked to me. As he got closer I immediately noted his big, gorgeous, grey eyes. He smiled gently and held his hand out.

"I'm Heartilynn." He greeted.

              I grabbed his hand and shook.

"Alexandria." I answered

             He smiled wide and moved hair behind his ear. He was very attractive. I looked at the skateboard in his hand.

"Do You know how to skate?" he asked

              I shook my head.

"Can I teach you?" He questioned

              I nodded. He grabbed my hand and brought me to his front yard. He put the board down.

"Okay, stand on it." He stated 

"A-Alright." I stuttered 

             I stood on the board wobbly. He grabbed my hand to keep me steady. He smiled

"Okay, kick with your foot." He informed me.

             I kicked with my right foot and started moving. He kept a hold of my hand and stayed with me. He nodded. I kicked again and he still held my hand

"Good!" he shouted "Alright, I'm going to let go now." He praised

            He let go of my hand and I kicked with my foot. I went faster then before. I smiled as i felt the breeze. Suddenly, I was flying through the air. I landed with a thud on the sidewalk. I looked at my knee and it was a blood mess along with my hand, left cheek and a gash up my leg. 

"Ow! Fuck!" I screamed.

            Heartilynn quickly ran to me. His eyes were wide.

"Are you okay?!" He asked panicked 

"Y-Yeah." I said trying not to cry

           He picked me up and ran inside. He put me on his couch. A woman sat in a chair and looked over at me.

"What happened?" She questioned.

"She fell and now she's bleeding.!Heartilynn yelled

"Calm down. I'll go get the first aid kit." she spoke calmly

           She came back with the kit and sat next to me. She wrapped my legs in bandages and wiped the blood from my cheek. She smiled at me.

"All better." she spoke softly

           I smiled at her. She seemed so kind.

"I'm Heartilynn's mom." she informed me

"I-I'm Alexandria." I replied

"Nice to meet you, dear." she spoke kindly.

          I nodded. 

"I-I should probably be going. It was nice meeting you both. I-I'll see you around Heartilynn." I sighed

          I stood up and walked out. 

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