i live by quotes (one direction fan fic)

Alexandria is 15 and has band that doesn't have a name yet. Alex might seem like a normal teenager but boy is she far from it. the number one reason is that her brother is thee "Louis Tomlinson." she wants to follow in her brothers foot steps in fact her in her brother are like twins when it comes to personality, there funny, crazy, annoying, likeable, and good people but Alex has other trait's bossy, has to be in charge, and much more. One Direction was such a big success she her and her four other members Holly, Kate, Tori, and Marie have taken coaching from the guys. will Alex's traits cause the band to fall? and will they shine like stars. find out.


8. maybe this could work

QUOTE: " when it comes to the future, there are three kinds of people: those who let it happen, those who make it happen, and those who wonder what happened."


              I sat down on my bed and I was so bored. Wait, I can call the band and invite them over if Paul says yes. I ran downstairs and up to Paul.

"Do you have drums, a piano, a keyboard, electric guitar, and 2 microphones?" I questioned.

             He gave me an are you kidding me look.

"Um, no why?..."  he asked.

"Oh well....I was wondering if me and my band could practice over here.." I informed him.

"Well, like I said I don't have any of those things but, there is a music store across the street i'm sure they'll let you practice over there." he stated.

            I jumped up and squealed. He put his hand over his ear to block out the sound. I smirked and ran to my room. I called everyone and told them were to go. I put on a gray shirt, black hoodie, skinny jeans, and a beanie. I grabbed my drum sticks and was about to walk out the door but Paul stopped me in my tracks.

"Okay, zip up your jacket, pull up those pants, and....give me your foot! " he demanded.

           I was confused but, I did what he said.

 "You have a tattoo?!" he questioned me.

           Oh crap I forgot about that. It's like a little heart on my ankle. I got it when Louis got his tattoo.

"Yeah, don't worry, Louis knows " I said annoyed. 

            He dropped my foot and let me out the door. I crossed the street and went into the store. After, about ten minuets. everyone was here.

"Okay girls, we are allowing you all to use the little stage up there." One of the workers told us.

 We nodded and went up. We all got to our spots.

"What should we play? " Holly asked us.

             I'm telling you I should be band leader. I mean come on!! She cant even pick a damn song to play! 

"How about ' The Climb ' by Miley Cyrus?" I suggested.

            They agreed.

~ they play song ~

(im to lazy to write it)

            We finished and we heard clapping. We looked up and it was the workers and customers.

"Hey, who's the band leader " The manager asked use.

             Me and Holly raised our hands. Holly shot me a death glare and I put my hand down slowly. The manager walked up to holly and whispered something in her ear. She gasped and shook her head yes. She squealed and it went over the microphone.

"Ow! " I screamed.

             She turned to us.

"We got a job to play here 5 day's a week and we get paid!" she squealed.

            Everyone but me smiled. They all turned to me.

"Come on, Alex your the downer in the group for once in your life say, yes!" Tori begged.

"Okay" I said

            I jumped out of the chair and shook hands with the manager.        


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