i live by quotes (one direction fan fic)

Alexandria is 15 and has band that doesn't have a name yet. Alex might seem like a normal teenager but boy is she far from it. the number one reason is that her brother is thee "Louis Tomlinson." she wants to follow in her brothers foot steps in fact her in her brother are like twins when it comes to personality, there funny, crazy, annoying, likeable, and good people but Alex has other trait's bossy, has to be in charge, and much more. One Direction was such a big success she her and her four other members Holly, Kate, Tori, and Marie have taken coaching from the guys. will Alex's traits cause the band to fall? and will they shine like stars. find out.


2. im not apologizing

Alex's P.O.V

"I came up with a few names." Holly said and we all gathered around the couch.

"Okay, first one angel girls." she said and I cracked up.

              It took me a few minuets to realize that I was the only one laughing. I stopped and Holly glared at me.

"Second one is girly girls."

               I laughed even harder but yet again only one laughing.

"Last one, flower fairies."

               I sat there not laughing while everyone in the band was laughing. They stopped and look at me. I put my hands up in confusion

"Really?" I protest.

              I heard Louis laughing behind me. I turned around face to face with him.

"What are you doing down here? I told you never to snoop on my practices!" I said angrily.

              He smirked.

"Well my room was getting boring." he said and looked down on me.

              The rest of the guys came down and we all tried to come up with a name.

"Holly and the holograms" Louis suggested.

               I cracked up and he laughed.

"How about shooting stars?" liam suggest.

                I stop laughing.

"Wait, that could work but, change it to shinning stars." I said. 

 We agreed but, Holly was still angry that I made fun of her names.

"No, I shall not apologize!" I say and she sighs.

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