i live by quotes (one direction fan fic)

Alexandria is 15 and has band that doesn't have a name yet. Alex might seem like a normal teenager but boy is she far from it. the number one reason is that her brother is thee "Louis Tomlinson." she wants to follow in her brothers foot steps in fact her in her brother are like twins when it comes to personality, there funny, crazy, annoying, likeable, and good people but Alex has other trait's bossy, has to be in charge, and much more. One Direction was such a big success she her and her four other members Holly, Kate, Tori, and Marie have taken coaching from the guys. will Alex's traits cause the band to fall? and will they shine like stars. find out.


6. good bye

                      I woke up to 5 crazy, annoying boys screaming.

"What?!" I mumbled angrily

                     I roll on my stomach and cover my ears.

"We are leaving!" Louis yelled.

                     I got up and pushed them out. I got dressed in A purple dress. I walked down stairs and immediately got pulled out of the door into a limo. I sat next to Zayn and Louis. We pulled up to this medium size house. I got out along with Louis we grabbed my bags one of my bags was filled with beauty supply's the other with clothes. Louis rang the door bell. A big strong looking guy walked out. He grabbed me into a bear hug.

"And you must be Alexandria."  he said and squeezed me harder. 

"Yeah, I am." I mumbled.

                       He chuckled and let me go. Louis laughed and walked to the car. I grabbed my bags and walked inside. He opened the door to my room and I put my bags on my bed.

"Wow,your such a girl. is this filled with makeup?!" he stated.

                     I could tell he was being playful.

"And that's bad why?" I questioned him.

"I don't know.." he said and walked out.

I plopped on the bed and sighed.

"Why do I have to stay with a stranger while their touring the world?!" I thought.

wow, this is going to be fun ( note thee sarcasm).   

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