® Directioning A Directionator?

® Adoption. Something that you think would never happen to you. Being sent to an Orphanage for the rest of your teen life.. Well, It did for Victoria. Victoria isn't normal. She doesn't have bleach blond hair, She doesn't starve her self .*If she doesn't have to.* And she isn't depressed. In fact, She's more then happy. She has a Guitar, Her mother bought her for her 13th Birthday. Besides the fact that her father killed her mother. She's pretty much alright. Until she is adopted. Adopted by who? Simon Cowell. THE Simon Cowell. And she meets 1D, The band she flucking hates with a passion. She thought they were stuck up rich boys, Who only wanted fame. But can One Direction prove their not what she thought they were? Find out in " Directioning A Directionator."


2. So, The Horror Begins...

Victoria's POV

Augh! My worse nightmare, Come true. I faked a smile, Waving "Hi" I said, Looking at each of them. Don't get me wrong, They were hot. But I always thought they.. They were gay for each other.I was snapped out of my thoughts when someone cleared their throat. "Ahem, Well. Yes, Okay boys I'll be at the office, I trust you can keep Victoria busy?" Simon said to the boys. I looked at them, Hoping they would say no. But they just nodded, As Simon walked out of the house. I sighed, Laying on the couch. I heard shuffling, But I didn't pay mind to it. I looked up and was met with a pair of Green eyes, They were as green as a meadow. I gasped, Biting my lip. I can't believe he is that hot.. His hair is all messy, His eyes are so gorgeous... His lips oh, Don't even get me start- No! No, No. Nooooo! I don't like him. He just reminded me of.. A puppy. Wait what? A Puppy? Really? A Puppy Victoria? Augh... Okay, So. He's cute? That doesn't mean I like him. I'd fuck him, Yea. But I don't like him. Ahahaha. Any whore, I looked over at the Blonde. He was cute, I could tell he had dyed his hair. Next was the one with black hair, It was racked up on top of his head. There was one more that caught my eye. He had a jacket, Leather. His hair was to the side. He had the most incredible eyes! They were a greenish blue. He was wearing black TOMS and short jeans. Wow is all I can say. I must of been lost in a train of thought for a long time, Because the shaggy haired boy snapped his fingers infront of my face. "Penis!?" I yelled, Before I knew what I said they looked at me weird. I blushed. Opps?

"What were you thinking about?" The blondie said. I shrugged, Sitting up. The curly haired boy sat next to me. I thought I'd tease him alittle. So I shifted, Moving slightly so I hovered over his lap. I finally sat on his lap grinding slightly. He gasped, And I got up laughing." What the actual fuck?!" The black haired one exclaimed laughing. I walked over to the blonde one and pecked his lips for skipping away into the kitchen.

I climbed on the counter reaching up for a bag of popcorn, When I slipped on a small puddle of water. I squeaked loudly, Hitting the floor. Last thing I remembered was a bird, A Pigeon.. A Small plastic Pigeon being shoved into my face before I was engulfed in a blanket of darkness...



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