® Directioning A Directionator?

® Adoption. Something that you think would never happen to you. Being sent to an Orphanage for the rest of your teen life.. Well, It did for Victoria. Victoria isn't normal. She doesn't have bleach blond hair, She doesn't starve her self .*If she doesn't have to.* And she isn't depressed. In fact, She's more then happy. She has a Guitar, Her mother bought her for her 13th Birthday. Besides the fact that her father killed her mother. She's pretty much alright. Until she is adopted. Adopted by who? Simon Cowell. THE Simon Cowell. And she meets 1D, The band she flucking hates with a passion. She thought they were stuck up rich boys, Who only wanted fame. But can One Direction prove their not what she thought they were? Find out in " Directioning A Directionator."


4. Oh My God Does She Like Us!? *CONTEST*

Victoria's POV

Oh my god, I'm out cold again.. What the fuck is wrong with me!? Augh.. Any way, I'm trying to focus.. I feel like I'm in that one Katy Towell video where the girl says "One day I went to sleep.. And I never woke up!" I love Katy Towell.. Why can't I wake up.. OH MY BACON AM I DEAD!? Nope just ranting in my head. Woah.. I see a bright light.. Its the beach! Lets go to the beach beach lets go get away.. Sorry, I have song stuck in my head. "Lads, Do you think we can do it this time!?" Zayn said. Seriously, I hate that douche. "Mate, Shut the fuck up already! I'm not gonna rape her, She's probably a virgin." Louis said. I smiled, Knowing Liam, Niall and Lou were not gonna do anything stupid. "She smiled! Dude, What is it with her and voices?" Harry asked. I groaned, Sitting up. Even if I couldn't see, I could still move. They all gasped. "I-Is she awake?! SHE'S GONNA GO ALL RAPEZILLA ON OUR ASSES YO! RUUUUUUN!!" Zayn said, After that I heard foot steps. Then I was picked up bridal style. I groaned again, Frowning. "Tis okay, I'm just gonna take you to your room. Maybe take your knickers off while I'm at it." Harry said. I squeaked, Even though I'd like to see him naked. I'm just not that type of girl.. Or am I? Nope, I'm not fake. Any way, I'm just gonna lay in his arms till I fall asleep cause he's pretty comfy. I started getting sleep, He whispered something in my ear but I couldn't quite get it. I ignored that, Falling into a deep sleep.

Harry's POV

"Are you bored as fuck? Well your in luck cause you're hanging with Zayn!" Zayn said sitting on the couch. I rolled my eyes, Playing with Victoria's hair. Her hair's nice.. She's nice.. Her ass is nice. Wait what? Oh. Nothing. Any way Victoria is on my lap Zayn is next to me, Niall is sitting on the ground drinking lemonade Liam is putting on This Is The End, And Lou is running around looking for Kevin. This is just another normal day in the life of One Direction. I swear, If we had our own T.V show.. It would be to crazy to air. Me walking around naked, Louis always pranking random people. Liam yelling at every one to behave, Zayn drawing and Niall always watching scary movies. Its like, Hell. But Hell without fire.. Oh well. I was thinking about shagging a girl one time.. But then I was like, Nawh.. She was to fake. "Aye, Harry. Can I hold Victoria?" Niall asked looking at me. I frowned, Nodding. He smiled, Picking her up from my lap and setting her on his. She smiled in her sleep. Like she was on my lap. I don't get it.. Does she like us? Does she like any of us? Oh my.. What if she likes me and Niall!? I'd be happy.. Cause, I need a good shag. And she is pretty much a virgin so that counts as a very good shag. Eh.. I started feeling sleepy, So I pretty much just laid my head on my arms and feel asleep.


So, Any one want Victoria to be inlove with one of the boys? If so, Tell me who and a ship name! Who do you ship with Tori?







Oh and! I'm gonna have a contest, I need 4 girls. To enter, Just post:

What you look like, Your style, Age, Description, And a name.

You'll have a chance to enter the story for the first season! And, I was thinking.. Even if the book isn't done, Should I make a sequel? Any way, Comment fan and like? Please and thank you! XX Bye my little randomz. *Btw, I'm calling people Randomz now.. Cause fuck it. O3O*

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